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"In a weird twist of fate my sister's divorce was final a week before my wedding. Right before I walked down the aisle Emily took me aside and said, 'Learn from me, Pam. Bill was always saying I never complimented him. He's right. Not only wouldn't it have cost me anything to say, 'You look so handsome today'; 'You have such good taste in clothes,' those types of comments might have saved my marriage.'" —Emily

"While I feel secure that my marriage will last forever, I take to heart the advice of Val, my college roommate who wound up getting screwed over by her ex during the divorce: 'Make sure your name is on all the legal and financial documents and that you know all the financial assets, income and liabilities of what is called the marital estate!' Love is one thing; protecting yourself another." —Annie

"My brother-in-law, who'd been divorced twice before meeting my sister, gave me advice I will remember forever: 'Don't be threatened when your partner changes. You will change too. It's about accepting each other and welcoming growth, not trying to keep your other half in a box.'" —Sheila

"My divorced mom gave me sage advice, 'Never forget you are part of a team. Keep growing together instead of in opposite directions and you've got it made.'" —Beth

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