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Jimmy Evans explains the one thing you can do, right now, in order to save a marriage – and it only takes 5 minutes a day.

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About MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen Evans

MarriageToday is an international ministry devoted to helping
couples thrive in strong, fulfilling marriages and families. Led by
founder/CEO Jimmy Evans and his wife, Karen, MarriageToday
touches millions of lives every year through online outreach,
extensive resources, and its nationally syndicated television program,
MarriageToday with Jimmy and Karen, which is broadcast weekly to
100 million homes in America and 200 countries worldwide.

In addition to MarriageToday, Jimmy has been a pastor for over
30 years. He knows firsthand the importance of strong marriages
within the Church body. His passion is personal: Jimmy and Karen
barely escaped divorce during the first few years of their own
stormy relationship. They know from experience that no marriage
is hopeless. Today, after 40 years of marriage and teaching the
principles that kept them together, Jimmy and Karen are committed
to strengthening good marriages and bringing hope to hurting
husbands and wives.


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23 thoughts on “MARRIAGE ADVICE | Save Your Marriage in 5 Minutes a Day with Jimmy Evans

  1. Wow, this is based from a woman’s standpoint…not once in this two minute add did he say anything about guys or anything like I’d hate to be working a fourteen hour shift in the sun, stressed making money to put food on the table and then come home completely whipped from a long days work.
    But I guess that’s his selling point

    1. Andy I think you missed the first statement when he said to spend 5 minutes a day sitting in your “Spouses” shoes… he used his own example as he continued on but He is speaking to both the working and the non-working spouse and/or maybe they are both working and not understanding how hard either are working or how they are treating each other. The moral of the story/testimony is to get away from our own pity-party for 5 minutes a day and consider what our spouses lives are like and how we are treating them.

    2. +Linda Jessee you are correct. I have only been married for 2 years. We are both young and were raised very differently. That in itself is a big deal. I am very grateful that my church introduced marriage today to us. Jimmy knows exactly what he is talking about because God is leading him. GOD gave jimmy an amazing revelation on marriage. Andy Check out the original marriage on the rock series. Jimmy is the real deal but you have to be open to correction. When you watch its not about blaming the other spouse its about realizing you need to work on you. And doing the work putting the information in action. You can’t change your spouse you can only change you and that will inspire your spouse to change.

    3. Andy claw I love these little sermons but I agree with you even as a woman…he feeds in so much to women and sometimes I try to get more about men and leadership and the woman who was made for the man. Anytime he talks about a man too much he quickly shifts to women. because it’s the same in most churches today…you have to cater to women more. But I’m one woman who would like to hear more encouragement for men with no apologies. I’m just being honest. I thought I was the only one who recognized this.

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  3. I am happy of john your advice but intellect people they hear ones advice but if you face with non for giver and no forgut happened terminated life.

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