Marriage Almost Over? Watch this first…

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Tons of helpful resources for troubled marriages – see below…

It's not by chance you are here watching this video. So rather than rushing on to the next thing you have to do right now, I encourage you to stick around for a few and embrace what your Creator is doing right now in your heart and mind. His supernatural power is able to change things we can not change in our own natural strength and ability.

The quote in the beginning of this video is from the book, The Love Dare. If your going through a difficult marriage I can not express how much you need the material found in this book to help you save your marriage. If the words in the book are applied until death do you part, it will not only heal you, it will heal your marriage and transform both you and your spouse.

You can read the first 5 days of the dare and order the book at:

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Pastor Aaron at TPCC has started a series of messages centered on marriage and titled the series "i-Marriage". The first message was pretty awesome and I'm sure it will give you insight and better understanding of your marriage:

This link is to an amazing series of messages focused on marriage. Please listen or download all of them – you'll be glad you did:

Also listen to these series especially "The Role of the Husband" and "The Role of the Wife":

Man to Man: do this to save your life and your marriage:

Books For Husbands:
1) Every Man's Marriage
$11.00 @

2) Desperate Marriages

3) Love & Respect

31 Days of Prayer for Your Wife

Books for BOTH Wives & Husbands:
Love is a Verb

Desperate Marriages

Books for Wives:
1) Every Woman's Marriage

2) Desperate Marriages

3) The Man Whisperer

4) Love & Respect

More Free Messages & Videos:
68 Words to Change Your Marriage

Falling In Love with Your Spouse Again

My spouse gets very explosive when angry, what can I do?

What is Anger? (don't let the cheesy announcer at
the beginning cause you to stop watching – this video
is great!)

This one is just to make you laugh – Lord knows
you need a good one:

Your marriage is not a mistake you are not messed up:

He screams through his BLUE megaphone to her PINK hearing aids:

We love to blame but our Response is our Responsibility:

Walking on water:

A testimony of a marriage saved:

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20 thoughts on “Marriage Almost Over? Watch this first…

  1. May God minister to all the couples who are on their last rope of hope.
    Please know that God, the God whom you made a covenant with, is ABLE to
    heal all wounds. Dedicate your husband/wife, your relationship, your
    household to HIM before thinking of Divorce. God is able to take a hold of
    it and turn your relationship around! Have faith in Him for He is Holy and
    True. Surrender it to Him. God bless you all!

  2. PLEASE READ== My dad turned away from god though and became gay. Then he
    left me and my bro when i was 2. I have video tapes of my memories before
    the divorce. I still cry to god why this happened and why my dad had to
    leave. So, I am mainly depressed even though this happened over 10 years
    ago. My mom still loves me like ever before but I still feel like a part of
    me is gone. But I learned while watching this vid that I am not alone and
    my mom told me to not look to the past but the future.

  3. this sounds exactly like me and what i am feeling as of 3/30/12 there is no
    divorce with god and people tend to take it upon themselves instead of
    working at it that’s how we get golden, my prayers are with you

  4. watch this first…..what for, so that 3minutes and 40 seconds later I can
    conclude that you told me nothing? Thanks for nothing.

  5. John 1:5. I wonder if you think I don’t live, walk, and understand in the
    light. There is no practical advice in this video. It doens’t tell you how
    to fix a problem. Where is the practical application? Where does the rubber
    hit the road? Saying flowery things, or quoting verses, or sounding poetic,
    does NOT solve anything. “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a
    right judgment.” John 7:24

  6. Whats wrong with 60k? – are you working more than 40hrs a week? ,did your
    wife see plenty of you? , or were you always away working.

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  10. So where is the help for me. I don’t like being referred to another
    department. I have learned one thing. Porn is letting adultery right into
    your house.

  11. My husband and I have been growing apart for more than 10 years. I have
    tried everything to make it work. We both watched Fireproof. I got the Love
    Dare book. That was just one thing to try, I honestly tried everything I
    could think of. I suggested counseling numerous times. He refused
    everything. I was told I wasn’t worth it. Eventually, my kids started
    making comments. They knew what was going on, he was emotionally and
    physically abusing me. I finally had to make up my mind that I was going to
    leave him and be a better Mom. When I left, I didn’t even recognize myself
    anymore. I am so much better than I was. The kids are happier. He is
    happier and is pushing for divorce. I have been going to church, finding
    myself, and praying a lot for God to help me understand where to go in all
    this. I can’t make him stay married to me if he feels I am not worth it
    anymore. I can’t be the only one to try to make this work. He is so selfish
    and immature, I know ending it would be the easy way. But I want to be lead
    by God, not my own desires. I’m so lost.

  12. Thanks for the video, I was already getting tired of all the psychobabble
    out there. I for one, didn’t want to forget my ex. At first I did, but then
    after further talking to Lyle he got my attention about googling Treitan
    Mellory’s website, it wasn’t magic, but since then we’re back together, and
    forgetting her was the first step.

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