7 thoughts on “Marriage Counseling – 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage with Mort Fertel

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  3. This all sounds like good information, but what does a wife do when her husband is mentally ill, is unstable and unpredictable, and flies off the handle leaving the wife and the kids stunned and afraid?  We have lived like this for 20 years, and my children, who are now in their teens, have begged me to ask their dad to leave so that we don’t have to live under such an oppressive environment.  Of course my husband blames me for his anger, but he doesn’t even see that we are all just silent and shut down to his tirades.  He’s so nice when he’s not feeling triggered, (we don’t know what the triggers are because it seems like a medication problem) but even then he forgets them, doesn’t help with discipline or child rearing, etc.  He says that if I just satisfy him sexually, that’s enough and we won’t have problems.  But that hasn’t been true.  He still gets mad over the littlest things and we’re all tired of it.  Is anyone else dealing with such things?  If so, have you had any success in dealing with your spouses mental illness?

  4. Everybody is different I have adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism my husband can’t understand that I love him but he wants to leave me because of this I can understand him because he doesn’t know how to deal with this how do you deal with the spouse only in good times and not in bad times

    1. I’ve been researching improving your marriage and discovered an awesome website at Pavs partner pundit (google it if you are interested)

  5. On here you say, other councilors want people to gain more, rent or buy? Consumer oriented mentality. And you seem to disagree with that. But on an another video you talk about “emotional bank accounts” ? And praise that and Steven Covey. Confusing

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