12 thoughts on “Marriage Fitness Review – How Mort Fertel Helped Save My Marriage

  1. My wife left me and wonder if this program works. I really feel that nothing in this world can help me restore my marriage/family

  2. I ordered mort fertel marriage fitness over two years ago now thinking does this really work? My answer to you today is yes not only does it work in my relationship inside my marriage but it also works for when I’m in public realizing that my biggest asset is myself and how I represent who I am it helped me change my confidence and what defines me as a person the audios allowed me to open up my inner personality and express my needs to my husband who also wanted a more enriched relationship.

  3. Mort fertel his teaching help me and it was with in the trial it self the 7 secrets he email me wow this is good I will order the boot camp. You should try it trust me Mort fertel he’s a sooth due thanks man …

  4. I want to thank you for opening my eyes i thought i lost my husband to another woman. First i was going crazy, yes like a school girl. Now we are reading your e-mails together and falling asleep in each other arms. We still have a long way to go but i have confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ we are gonna work it out. Thank you again.

  5. Me and my fiancée had cross a physical line and we had to go an abortion. After all this, now we are ready to get marry. We have repented and wanna get marry in church but some traditional practices of church says one cannot marry for the above crime. What does the bible tells us.

  6. I found this saving marriage guide “bomto comely date” (Google it) to be really beneficial as well as informative, and there were times that I thought there was a spy in our house as the articles were so personally related. We`ve gone from”I should divorce you” to “Maybe I`ll keep you around for another Thirty years.”

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