Marriage Problems: How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

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About 3 million people a year—all in marital crisis—contact me in some form or another seeking help to save their marriage. "Help me stop my divorce," is the call. "Can you help me resolve my marriage problems?"

Do you know how many of these people expected to be dealing with a broken marriage?


Everyone thinks their marriage is fine. Until it isn’t.

Every day I hear, “We were just living life, working, taking care of the kids, doing our thing. Everyone thought we were the perfect couple.”

And then—BANG! Someone goes off the rails. Marriage problem galore. On the brink of divorce.

One spouse starts acting strange. They become distant. They’re not themselves. They’re not home as much. There’s a secret life going on, at least in thought, if not in action too.

Finally, it goes well beyond subtle signs. You hear: “I love you but I’m not in love with you.” “I’m not happy, and haven’t been for years.” “I can’t go on like this.” "I want a divorce."

Or you discover indisputable evidence. Beyond the words are plans to move out, hundreds of texts to a new phone number, or a new wardrobe signaling a new life ahead.

If you’re in this situation, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re not, you can’t imagine it. But that’s my point. The 3 million people who will contact me this year couldn’t imagine it either. Now they would do anything to save their marriage.

There are millions of people out there neglecting their spouse, speaking harshly, or running their home like the military, oblivious to the fact that their spouse is “done” and their marriage is dying a death by a thousand cuts. Divorce is on the horizon.

For those that are unaware, I wish I could help them, tell them what they’re in for, and save them from the emotional devastation they’re about to experience. But that continues to be my wish. Because no one listens until their life is in ruin.

But you are listening. So I want to suggest 2 things.

First, join me for the next Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp. The path from ruin to reconciliation is difficult. But it’s possible, no matter the circumstances. Showing people that path and nurturing them through the difficulty is what I do. You can solve your marriage problems. You can stop your divorce. You can save your marriage. I can show you how.

Second, let’s work together to put me out of business. Really. I wish husbands and wives across the world were wise in marriage, deliberate with their choices and words, and educated about what fosters well-being in a relationship. Share this video with someone you love, someone who you might inspire to take action to change things in their marriage now before they’re in crisis. Social media is one of the contributing factors to bad marriages. Maybe today we can use it to make marriages better.

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4 thoughts on “Marriage Problems: How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

  1. I believe in your approach. With God, ALL things are possible. It’s because the “hardening of the human heart”, that programs like MF fail, n not the program itself. Thank you Mortel.

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    2. @Elizabeth Anderson , am sorry for you but at the same time, happy. You see, when a partner (however ugly he/she has been), fails to come to grip with himself, your story is what happens. It is obvious that your x is not a man of integrity (words not equal actions). I wish you the best. However, MF is a great experience to better yourself and future relationships. God bless. Like the Good Book states, in the latter days “men will become lovers more of themselves than God”. Signs of the Times.

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