Marriage Saved EVEN AFTER A Divorce Was Filed!

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Even when divorce has been filed, it doesn't mean your marriage is over.

In this letter, a member of the Save My Marriage Course shares her journey of how her marriage fell apart, what happened when her husband had an affair, and how all hope was lost…

…UNTIL she started focusing on herself, believing there was still hope for her marriage, and her marriage TURNED AROUND.

Everyone's situation is different…but every situation can use the same foundational principles like she used to change the course of her marriage and save the relationship.

Listen to her story and GET HOPE here!

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23 thoughts on “Marriage Saved EVEN AFTER A Divorce Was Filed!

  1. We hope this video brings you hope and encouragement for today.

    Have you experienced any positive changes while practicing Marriage Helper principals? If so, SHARE BELOW!
    We would love to hear from you!

    – Marriage Helper

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  2. I love my wifey Kimlyn i hate i cheated on my wife several times with my side chick Chasity i will never i mean never leave my wife.

    1. We appreciate your honesty, Robert. You made a mistake. We all make mistakes. Welcome to the human race. 😔

      We would love to help you and your wife figure out how to make your marriage better than it ever has been before.

      If you would, please give us a call at 1 (866) 903 0990 and speak with one of our Client Reps! They will be able to help guide you to some great resources that can help you both moving forward.

    1. Stephanie, we are so sorry to hear the pain you have gone through. It sounds like you have already made up your mind about whether or not you want to save your marriage. However, we have seen couples who have reconciled after their husband or wife has had a child with another person. If you decide that you want to try to save your marriage, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our Client Representatives. They can help guide you to some very helpful resources. In the meantime, feel free to watch this video:

    2. @Marriage Helper no I already filed my divorce will go through soon and I’m glad to be away from crazy. Thank you for responding

  3. Excellent video, I completely agree that you can save a marriage and also avoid infidelity if some techniques are applied to keep our husband completely satisfied and happy

    1. One person can’t save a marriage. Both people have to be willing to do it God’s way and fight for the marriage

    1. There is no way to confirm whether or not a spouse will repeat the same negative behavior. When a spouse decides they want to reconcile with the other, this is when we advise putting STOP’s into place. Also known as Safeguards That Offer Protection. It is our version of creating boundaries. This enables both people in the relationship to see what can and will happen if someone continues a negative behavior. To learn more about STOP’s, call our office at 1 (866) 903 0990 and speak with one of our Client Representatives!

  4. My husband had an affair with his younger coworker. He told me he wanted space and moved in with his dad. After that is when I found out about the affair. Long story short I tried everything to get our marriage back but he didn’t want to try. Within 4months of him leaving we were divorced. He lives in a house with his mistress now and We have a 4yr old daughter who doesn’t understand. I truly believe he is in limerence. All signs point to it. He lost his job, respect from coworkers, friends, and it’s affecting the whole family. Yet he believes it’s ok. I pray for him every day. I’m trying to move on but miss him. My life has drastically changed in 4 months and it’s hard.

    1. @Iron Addictions thank you for the encouraging words. I pray every day that something will change. I will look into their courses. I started watching their videos months ago because I truly believe he is in Limerence. All signs pointed to it.

  5. I feel like my situation is taugher. My boyfriend of 2yrs whom we’ve been living together for one year now has been very cold on me. Well we started out in 2008 towards the end, dated for about for months then he got a transfer to another city, did long distance relationship for an year before I decided to move in with him. It’s been one year since and it’s been rough. He suddenly stopped taking me out on dates.he said the much we see each other in the house is enough. Whatever it is that I wanted us to go discuss on a date could be discussed in the house. I felt like he had made me a house wife. We never had a solid bound with him. Anytime I’d ask for a date it would turn out to be an argument that would see us go quiet on each other for 2weeks or more.

    It went on being on and off till November last year when thing got worse and with the spontaneity of my words I said we take a break/separate. Of our e I don’t mean it but he dint want to hear my apologies and said he had given up on dating. He made me feel like he would never date again. Only for me to stumble apon charts with his friends about a new lady in the picture that he was choosing over me. He said I was too dramatic and feels like the other lady has a solid mind. To make matters worse is that he has a baby with another woman. They got this baby before we hooked up but decided to keep it away from me. Actua2he once denied that child! Now he can’t wait for me to leave his house. He even told his friend. What hope is here? Is it safe for me to live with somone who denied his own blood? When was he planning to ever tell me aboit his daughter? After we got married and after the birth of our first child?

  6. My husband left me for an other woman but now we talk and told me that he was to be alone. However, they are traveling together and moving in the same building apartment. Why is he lying about wanting to be alone and with ether?

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