Marriages saved with this prayer. Check it out! Спасти брак.

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Is your marriage in trouble? Troubled marriages, marriages gone stale, if you are bored in your marriage and are contemplating divorce, or perhaps there is adultery destroying your marriage – you and your marriage can benefit from this consecration, in fact, it can save your marriage if you commit to praying it every day. If you don't want to do it for yourself – do it for your kids, for your vows, and you will find that all is possible within the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, your love will return. Both partners are supposed to pray it, but I prayed just by myself for the last 8 months and since I started, my straying husband returned to me, he came back, all glory, thanks and praise be to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary and to the Divine Mercy of Our Lord, His Holy and Divine Love.

Messages from the Holy Love Ecumenical Ministries. For Catholic and Orthodox, protestant and other churches, and for all of humanity, about salvation and the end times. Humanity went too far away from God and He calls us back before too late. He wants everyone, and YOU to spread the message. Jesus said this Mission consoled Him in His Agony in the Garden of Olives.

Посвящение брака Святым и Священным Объединенным Сердцам Иисуса и Марии. Эта молитва – лекарство, которое рекомендует Небо для спасения брака в наше опасное время. Это важнее, чем семейная консультация у психолога. Источник – Экуменическая Миссия Святой Любви, США, штат Огайо. Посещения Господа в наши последние времена перед Вторым Пришествием и перед Судным Днем. Явления и послания от Самого Бога-Отца, Творца Вселенной, Иисуса Христа, Богородицы (Дева Мария) и множества ангелов и святых. Знание об этой Миссии и Почитание Божественного Милосердия (данное через святую Фаустину Ковальскую) – это то, что, по словам Иисуса, давало Ему утешение в Его Агонии в Гефсиманском Саду. Полное Благословение Объединенных Сердец Святой Троицы в единстве с Непорочным Сердцем Марии да будет на вас, дорогие зрители и читатели!

Язык ролика – английский, с русскими субтитрами.

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  1. Thank you for your heartfelt comment, your faith also brought tears of joy to my eyes. I exted to you the Complete blessing of the United Hearts of the Holy Trinity in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the annointing of st. Michael and the Baptism of Truth, given at the Holy Love Shrine.

  2. @runashii There is a consecration of families to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, you can find it on Holy Love Ministry’s website under the title “Printed Materials”, then “English”. Pray it and try to persuade other members of your family (those who are in troubled marriage or any of your siblings, your grandparents may be) to pray it with you. Mary and Jesus promised that the symbol of their United Hearts will strengthen and protect vocations. Marriage is a vocation.

  3. @runashii Receive the complete blessing of the United Hearts! Believe and pray, never give up. Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, come to our aid!

  4. Please pray for my marriage to my wife Karen. For the past several years we’ve been distant. There are too many things list. She has asked me to move out. I didn’t realize what a gift I had with my marriage to her. We have 4 beautiful children and they are going through a lot as well. I am committed to making our marriage stronger. I have been going to mass everyday and pray the rosary every day as well. Please pray for us and our blessed sacrament of marriage.


  6. The woman was made for the man ,to bring him joy and happiness and serve him with love ,as the church serves Christ. Christ ,on the other hand provides for His church and makes sure His church lacks nothing .He provides in everything , guides her and teaches her . The church (woman) rejoices and delights Christ (man).

  7. Dear soul, do not give up, pray this prayer every day and remember these three words all the time: Courage, Faith and Perseverance. Cross leads to victory, always!

    1. Cheers for the Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Taparton Returning Love Takeover (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to stop divorce without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate finally got excellent results with it.

  8. dear Lord, please help me in restoring my marriage.I have done things in the past for my wife to losen faith in our marriage.I am very sorry for all the things that I have done for our marriage to be on shaky ground now.I promise You with all my heart that I will do everything our for our marriage to be saved with Your unfailing my wife feels that our marriage will not be saved.I feel otherwise Lord because I know with You, nothing is impossible.I ask all of these in Jesus Name, Amen.

  9. Believe, and you will see the wonders of the Lord. Pray this prayer daily, and remember these three words: courage, faith and perseverance. I saw my marriage saved when it was humanly impossible. But everything is possible for God. He can bend wills and change hearts, in response to sincere prayer from the heart. Do not believe the enemy of your souls who wants you and your wife to despair and lose hope in God and in saving your marriage. God’s Will is for marriages to stay intact, believe it.

  10. For my husband Sam Wallace to come back home today and restore or marriage and family and for God be the center of our marriage and family

  11. For my husband Kevin, that the depression and lack of joy will be wiped away.  I consecrate our marriage this day and every day…Amen.

  12. Dear Jesus and Mother Mary, I come before you today with my broken marriage and I place it in your Holy and Sacred United hearts. In this present moment , I consecrate my marriage to your Holy and Sacred United hearts,Clothe our hearts in the Divine will of the Eternal Father.Help us to increase in holiness and through your United loving hearts ,may we increase in love so much that every couple or family in contact with us,learn to know the treasure hiding in your Holy and Sacred United Hearts. Through this consecration, I dedicate our hearts to your victory and seek for your protection and provision. I thank you for healing our hearts and restore our marriage. In Jesus mighty name. AMEN

  13. *I was informed by a concerned friend about this program [Check Details Here ===**** ]. I and my husband has been married for over 15 years and our marriage was falling apart. We couldn’t get through a conversation without criticism or attack. It was when I joined this program with my husband that we began to light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much.*

    1. There are a few things for saving your marriage
      Try to communicate more
      Cooperate with each other more
      Start to give and take more
      (I discovered these and why they work from Mirykal Marriage Plan website )

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