Married In Netherlands But Ghana Saved Our Marriage!

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107 thoughts on “Married In Netherlands But Ghana Saved Our Marriage!

    1. WODE MAYA : I am from Ethiopia,love this amazing family & did subscribe !I am subscriber of Wode Maya too !keep up bro make Africans United!We expect a lot from you!

    1. Rae Neumann my parents are from Congo and Angola but I still love gambia more than my own origin Gambians are kind hearted I have yet to meet a bad Gambian am sure there are one or two scatterd about lol but most are nice….that’s my opinion

    2. lola skumpy a lot of people were taken from Ghana through slavery example African Americans, carribeans and Jamaicans. Jamaicans are all Ghanaians

    1. I live in Germany and I’ve visited Holland a couple of times. Luv ur family. Just subscribed to ur channel 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭😘

    2. Wat een prachtige familie. Mijn zusje is ook half NL en GH, wat jullie ervaarde over gemixte afkomst maakt ook zij wel eens mee. Het lijkt mij heerlijk om ergens te zijn waar je je 100% welkom en thuis voelt . Ben zelf in NL opgegroeid en 36 jaren niet in Ghana geweest, het is hoogste tijd 😀
      Veel geluk tijdens jullie verblijf in Ghana

      🙋🏾‍♀️, groetjes uit Hoofddorp

  1. Even in Ghana we have to stop asking people where they are from. We always want to know which tribe people come from. Its wrong. We are all Ghanaians.

    1. @Machiavelli’s Prince this part. I always think to myself, west africans need to learn from the mistakes from others and in particular the Black Americans because we love to copy a lot from you guys as well without acknowledgement

  2. To all of my light-skinned fam here in the USA saying you will not be welcomed in the Mother Land.
    Here is living proof you are wrong.

    1. @Bradley Gaju I think she was Tsonga. She said her grandfather was colored but she responded to a direct question about whether she is colored with a “no”.

    2. @Anthony Mckinney I dont know if you ever been to Africa but the light skinned Africans do feel superior to the darker skinned ones ,some ethiopians (habeshas) due to them being lighter skinned would never play with me and my other dark /brown skinned friend back in elementary school yes,Elementary school but my best friend at the time was Ethiopian

    3. @Sports Actuary where are you from? Are you African? It’s TRUE though, colorism is rife in South Africa. If you not yellow you best be super rich to get a man. If you not yellow you best have a Rwandan look to get a man and vice versa.

    4. @Peaches Kong I agree with you. The artist Prince pushed this idea that he was biracial but it was not true. He just was the product of two light skin African Americans.

    1. Bahir Dar is one of the most understated cities in Africa. The capital of the Amhara region. It’s beautiful. I’m 35 and British born I moved to Ethiopia to live two years ago I wouldn’t recommend living in Addis though I personally really didn’t like it. There’s beautiful real estate to rent and buy here. I have a 1 year old daughter and I’m renting. I’d be happy to answer any questions..

    2. @H S I arrived to live in Addis in December 2018 – I’d visited Addis and stayed twice before me living there, it had only ever been a gateway city to other parts of Ethiopia but I lived there for the last 4 months of my wifes pregnancy before we flew to Bahir Dar when our daughter was 3 weeks old.

      It depends on the individual in terms of what there interests/ commitments are but for me Addis is to polluted environmentally. On the other hand Bahir Dar is the opposite it’s environmentally stunning and the Corona vibe isn’t here at all at this time.

      I live in Kebele 13 next to lake Tana I just wish more Africans born in the West considering Africa to seriously consider at least visiting Bahir Dar

      Addis Ababa is not a great postcard for Ethiopia. I just feel so blessed to have transferred my life here.

    1. @George Bamfo Probably. But in our school history books (prior to Christopher’Come-rob-us’ ) there was some original people in Jamaica called the Arawaks. It’s said the name Jamaica comes from an Arawak work “Xaymaca”… Meaning ‘land of wood and water”

      But as with everything, the Europeans changed all our narrative and “created” one for us…. which up to this day.. it’s very difficult to erase it all from our minds/life

  3. Good content…..all Ghanaians in the house clap for Maya …he is doing a good job for Ghana.
    Hope Miss Trudy is taking notes of the beauty of Ghana.
    Am from Tanzania and I wish in our lineage to have Ghanaians so my young sister will have to visit Ghana and find someone …..

    1. Do you like it? What have you learned about yourself during this big change? How long have you been in Senegal?

    1. @Rashaenka Yeah but only where there is Ocean, and at winter times only and the jersey is enough do not even need jackets

  4. I was born in Lesotho in Southern Africa but spend my entire life after l turned 8 in America. I moved back in 2017 and have learned so much about not only my country amd culture but the continent as well. I realized that American educational system was full of lies and actually erased alot of African history and makes one think Africa contributed nothing to the world. When in reality it did but the Europeans stole it from Africa.

    1. @Heavenly Soundz Spiritual Beats Messiah Music After my four yrs in the US Air Force l attended Long Beach City College because l was in Fashion and Marketing and it was a two year program. I was going to attend a four yr college and study International Business but l ended up helping my brother with his music career and never went back. Both my parents had their Masters and of course were not to Happy.

  5. I’m anxious to have my soul healed in Africa. I wish this darn Coronavirus would go away soon. This was great video!

    1. @Max K well, Max, the government has eased restrictions but there are still hot spots for the virus and still about 120 deaths a day, better than what we had, which was nearly 1000 a day, but not good. Up to now, over 45000 people in UK have died from this thing and they are expecting a second spike in the winter, fortunately this thing seems to prefer a cooler climate so most of Africa should escape ok with some luck, stay safe XXX

    1. @Malik Seone exactly all the countries on the African continent belong to us, He is literally African and so he can move wherever he wants in Africa.

    2. Never said I don’t love my own people but never knew people had a problem with another African moving to their country .

  6. Looks like everyone is moving back to Africa ooooo. Who’s ready to move with me??? Oya, let’s go after coro 💃💃

    1. Hey guys just one thing if you come to South Africa Hala to me I am also on YouTube as Sizakele Mncube I have lost of places in Orange Grove Johannesburg to accommodate you until you get your own place

    2. I’m ready 🥰😁🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️

  7. I met many Ghanaians in different parts of the world, they have good attitude towards other people. I hope foreign investors use this good assets. Maya you are true example of Ghanaian. I appreciate how you promote another you tubers. Much respect and love from Ethiopia.

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