2 thoughts on “Movie Clip: WAR ROOM – Fight for Your Marriage

    1. MIGUEL RAMOS JR Queen PRAYER, CONSTANT PRAYER is what can fight for your marriage when you are unable to change someone or their mind. When you can’t, GOD CAN! Reach out to different churches, Religious Facebook pages that prayer requests can be sent to. The more prayer, WITH FASTING, can SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE, have faith and pray the promises of the Bible to God, demand him and Jesus to keep their promises to you via Matthew 5:37 (Matthew 7: 7-8, 17: 20-21, Malachi 2:16). If you do this and LEAN ON GOD, you must LEAN ON HIM FROM NOW AND EVEN AFTER HE HAS BLESSED YOU WITH THE NEEDS/DESIRES and declarations in prayer that is said. God can fight your battles if you lean on him, if you trust him that his promises will come to pass, you have to have faith and trust him that is the key, do not let any doubt enter your mind. Start seeing restoration and your needs being meant. Take captive meaning stop every negative thought or doubt that is about to enter or enters your mind. Don’t let the thought continue. If you end up allowing the thought to finish, replace it with 3 positive thoughts of what blessings you see in the future (this is also an example of crucifying the flesh, not letting the thought continue or words to come from your mouth, stopping them). God is only.of love, goodness, positivity in actions words and choices that HE expects you to follow. Anything that is negative, bad in words actions and choices is of the enemy. You can only over come the enemy with Godly acts, words and choices. Life Example: my husband moved back in after I made the ultimate destructive decision to ruin my marriage, I thought I was done, I was oppressed by many demons that I allowed to fester and drive me with words, actions, thoughts and choices. I was bitter! When he left, I knew what I did was wrong and I began to immediately seek God. I started to make things rights. I began reading the Bible, I tossed out of my life any hobbies/distractions, I made my closet into a battle room, a war room for prayer and I slept and live in it for 6 weeks straight (I was called after the 6 week period to begin the transition of sleeping in our bed because I was given a promise that God was going to restore my marriage), I joined church groups, I went to 4-6 church services every weekend of different denominations, I didn’t talk on the phone to friends or family about my crisis — I’d send a quick text telling them I’m doing fine but working on me so they wouldn’t worry, I went to God in prayer something I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE, I began fasting, I sought an amazing faith-based counselor whom showed me the way to free myself from bitterness and I did become free from the bitterness, the nastiness in my heart, the unforgiveness and hurt I had in my heart. I’d cry for hours on the tile floor when I’d come home from work. Any chance I got at work, every time I heard the door open and thought I was getting served the divorce papers my husband filed, I’d go to the bathroom and get on my knees in the handicapped bathroom to pray, to cry. I have never experienced such a magnitude of suffering in my life but I am also so very grateful and blessed for it. The Holy Spirit is so very real and God will heal every wound, every hole every void and show you as well as make you feel his overwhelming overflowing love if you seek him and put all effort into him. He can transform you and your life and will give you whatever you ask for. The Good News, my husband wanted to meet with me after 5/6 weeks of fasting and thank you Lord a 45lb weight loss (had a surgery that made me bound to the couch for 2 months which was part of the month of when my husband left me). Prayer, Fasting, Seeking God with all your heart — it’s a miracle in itself… a God given miracle I had to pay the price for. Along with God’s work and amazingness upon my life in seeking him, my husband moved back home three months ago and we even began marriage counseling. Now. Sometimes you have to watch what you ask for. I was set free now my husband was bitter and full of death… whatever he’d say, the name calling, the anger, I forgave him right away. Every day even when he treated me horribly, I found new ways to show him love… either by writing a note to put in his lunch, words that build up on post-its to him on the bathroom mirror, an amazing expensive dinner made for when he would come home, whatever he did evil, I returned it with love. Hard, hard doesn’t even explain it — it’s a have to, a way of changing you, your life and mind. Not only does God promise to bless you with rewards of being obedient and walking I love, I promise to you he will reward you also. In my 33 years of life, today I would not change anything because of how amazing our Father in Heaven is, our brother Jesus, they are so amazing and loving, I do not regret walking into hell to see the pouring of grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, wholeness and blessings that are provided when a relationship is developed with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit! God has completely transformed me, healed me and has restored so many relationships in my life including my marriage and has also brought me so many new relationships also. God is Amazing! Jesus is Amazing! The Spirit, thank you Lord!

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