35 thoughts on “My Broken Marriage Was Restored! | God Answers Prayer

  1. Amazing!!! Love your testimony it gives more hope. I’ve been separated for 2 years, going through the same thing you went thru! They’ve been together for over 5 years. I’m praying for that relationship to dry out like the fig tree.

    1. Olivia Lopez i know the pain. Trust in Him, He will never let us down. This website has helped me a lot. I hope it will be a blessing like it has been to me.www.hopeatlast.com

    2. May they separate and God bring your changed husband back . In the mean time do your part. Ask God to hear a word and he will show you scripture and make a playlist on here of marriage restoration videos you like and gospel music to encourage on days of discouragement. Amen Godspeed for deliverance and restoration of your marriage

    1. Will pray,

      Go on YouTube and watch the BTG a movement great Christian couple who went through divorce and have an amazing testimony as well as ministry that will support you and encourage you! God will restore your marriage God bless you in Jesus name

  2. This is a wonderful answer to prayer!! Would it be possible to share this video on our Facebook Page. We are building a National Landmark of 1 million answers to prayer and would love to include this one. Please get in touch. Clare

  3. People, please understand God is not going to restore All marriages. Many people go out and pick their own spouse and expect a blessing from God. It does Not work like that. Only God promised He will never leave you not forsake you.

    1. Evelyn Edwards did God tell you to post these things? Scripture says other wise. I have never read that God will not restore marriages. However I have read that God hates divorce.

      What God has joined together let not man put asunder.

      What your writing is a seed of deception.

      I shall have what I decree. I will not accept the lie that God is not willing to restore marriages.

      God said let my Word be true and every man a liar

    2. God can do thee impossible and turn any marriage around for the good. Encourage don’t discourage.

    3. I prayed for 8 years… he is still with the young girl he left me for. I still pray for them…. because God said to pray for the ones who hurt you the most… the most. I now just pray that God will come into their home and bless it❤️

    4. Bethany Harrington I would suggest to pray for a wedge between the two of them that she will be taken care of by God but leave your husband alone.

  4. love this!God for sure is the healer of all. my husband of twenty years left me 8 months ago and our divorce was final in dec 2017. i was so broken & all i had was Jesus to pick up the pieces. i prayed daily for my family to be restored. i can now say a month ago we had our divorce annulled!!!My marriage and family is restored and it is only cause of the Grace of God!!Prayers works above all else !!!

    1. Heather Weathers -thank you! I needed
      I’ve been separated for 2 years my husband has another relationship they’ve been together for over 5years. It’s been really hard. I have no communication with him

    2. Oh God Bless you!!! Thank you for your testimony. I needed the encouragement. God please be with me, my husband, and family.

    3. Heather please pray for me, I have been suffering and praying with my difficult marriage since 2007. Maybe God will listen to your prayers because I sometimes feel mine are not heard.

  5. That the lesson that God want to give to all couple love your God with all your heart mind and soul than love others when we love our husband wife or kids more than God trouble will happen only when we loose them that we ill learn to love God first and no matter what our love one do to do us we wont fall apart

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