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  1. This video is confirmation for me , my husband and I are separated and I told God last night about his promise over my marriage.. and I almost started to doubt him , thank you for letting him use you … It’s been hard because I was told my marriage was in the will of God but it’s sooooo hard when your spouse is fighting against you ! Thank you so much

    1. Same here….Lord I wish I could find more women like y’all around here to pray and communicate with! Praying for y’all and y’all pray for me and my husband as well 😭🙏🏾

    2. Keep praying for his salvation. I layed my hand on my spouse’s shoulder and said, “Be born again in Jesus’ name.” And he’s been believing in God ever since. He pays more attention to my needs now.

    3. @ Terrence. I’m dealing with the same thing it’s been about 8 months but my wife says she doesn’t want a divorce but she then says she’s not sure what she wants. Paul tells us in scripture if the unbelieving depart let them go. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever faced because I love her so much. I pray that your situation has changed.

  2. Thank you for this video. My marriage is going through a tough time right now. I need help I love my wife dearly and want to save our marriage. I’m not much a man of faith but something lead me to this video and your Channel I allso watched your other video(how I saved my marriage). As of today I will start a relationship with God and pray for my marriage thank you very much for these videos.

    1. Keep praying for each other’s salvation. I layed my hand on my spouse’s shoulder and said to him, “Be born again in Jesus’ name.” And he’s been believing in God ever since. He is a lot more respectful now.

    1. God hears your Prayers and through Jesus you can asking anything according to his will for your life and your wife life…seek him first and foremost…

    2. @Renee A. Thank you, we raised our kids homeschool down taught them never even to kiss before marriage, just found out my wife is in adultery kissing a strange man in front of my 11 year old daughter, please pray that God just bring his storm to her and turn her from her sin, even if God doesn’t restore our marriage, please pray that He protect the children

  3. We been separated for 8 months and I miss my husband dearly. I want to give up so bad but for some reason I can’t. M y husband hasn’t spoken to me or my daughter in 3 months but he is taking me to court for custody. So while he is absent I’ve been getting closer to god and focusing on me. I’m learning how to love him unconditionally. God bless you and I’m praying for you!

    1. @DanyelleRenee don’t give up..Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding…He Loves you, your Husband and family all together…Seek him first his way of life and all those things will be added to you….

    2. God bless ur marriage .I’m separated as well and my anger took over and I told him to leave and he came and dropped off the keys and his wedding ring on the key change.so I as well need prayer

  4. I have felt pretty lost, and living in fear, since my husband handed me divorce papers, just before Christmas. As a woman of faith in physical healing, and having several gifts including discernment, this fear is new territory for me.

    I began experiencing what I thought was so many confirmations to restoration, so many leadings by God that didn’t make sense, yet all pointed to God answering my prayers, after testing my obedience.

    I refuse to believe God would bring forth so so many miracles (as I outline some below) just to have our marriage fall apart.

    Honestly, I feel my husband’s death would have been easier to accept than this. I have spent more time on my knees begging God to talk to me, to show me, to have Holy Spirit guide me.

    Ultimately I know the enemy is wanting me to run out of faith, to give up, to question God (shamefully I have, but then repent), to fire as many flaming arrows as possible, until my faith is burned to ashes. Still, I fight the good fight against my flesh, everyday.

    At the first of 2018 (January), my husband was rushed to the hospital, after I found him throwing up over half of his bodies blood. Had the Holy Spirit quite literally not led me to stay up all night, I would have never heard him.

    Of course, I didn’t understand why I was being led to stay up for something I thought was a stomach bug, but I was obedient because I know the uncomfortable stirring that comes in my spirit when something isn’t right.

    When we got him to the ER, I was informed that had we been 10 minutes later getting him there, he would have never made it. I knew then why I had to force myself to stay up, as originally I was going to sleep in a room across the house.

    After a procedure to clip an ulcer, and cauterize the artery in his esophagus, they felt they had stop the bleeding. However, three days later in recovery, I again felt something off in my spirit.

    The nurses, as well as my husband, assured me he was on the mend. A few hours later, he asked to use the bathroom. They put him on the bedpan, and the nurse asked me to take a walk to give him privacy, while she checked on another patient.

    I actually started to, but I again felt something in my spirit tell me not to leave. I stood outside his door, and within a few minutes, I heard him moaning. When I rushed into his room, he had literally bled completely out.

    He was seizing, and falling off the bed. I rushed down the hall screaming for anyone. The next thing I remember, there were 20 something medical staff working to save him, and I was informed the chaplain was being called.

    I remember telling them, no, it’s not time. I dropped to my knees and began praying, as I heard code blue being called and hearing them say “we’ve lost him”. I immediately began speaking life over his body, commanding he was healed by the stripes of Jesus.

    As his time of death was being called, after all efforts had been exhausted, he came back… with not one drop of blood in his body.

    According to the surgeons, they would pump blood in, and his body would spill it right back out. This entire event had even surgeons speechless, as his “resurrection” could not be medically explained, thus they began calling him “Lazarus”.

    This entire experience not only brought him back a changed man, it restored our already hurting marriage. You see, I had left him for three months prior. In a series of other events/miracles, I was led home only a month before this took place.

    The night I found him throwing up blood, having stayed awake, I had actually planned to leave again. However, Holy Spirit once again led me home, sensing he was sick without him telling me.

    While still in the hospital, he dedicated his life to God and vowed he would never take our marriage for granted, again.

    The next several months were amazing. Everyone was in awe over what a different man he was. We literally had 1,000s following my posts (basically becoming blogs) and updates, people neither of us knew. A few churches reached out asking us to share our testimony.

    He was dragging me to church, worshipping, joining small group, serving, giving his entire life to God. We were better than we had ever been. I knew God had performed two miracles, at that time.

    Around mid June, he began doing a complete 180 back to the man he was before his “resurrection”, only worse. This began to happen shortly after he felt a call to ministry… only days after we were led to be baptized together (April).

    In fact, we received confirmation of his call to ministry. Two days after he felt led, I received a text. Having told not one person about his calling, the text was from a church member – “this is going to sound strange, but I was praying and Holy Spirit led me to reach out and ask if Jake had ever considered ministry”.

    We were both floored and excited. However, only a few short weeks later, practically over a weekends time of arguing, his “180” began him talking of divorce. Over the next few weeks from there, he began pulling away from church, to eventually not wearing his ring, spending the night out, etc.

    Now, one week before this past Christmas (three weeks ago), he wakes me with divorce papers. I was completely blindsided. I don’t understand what’s happened, how it’s happened and how God would allow such a miracle, only to be torn apart. Our testimony would have been so powerful (I’m leaving so much out).

    I’ve even felt called so strongly to stand among 1000s to give our testimony and touch other marriages, to minister to them. I’ve been led to promise God that I would do this and more, not truly knowing where this leading was coming from.

    Then, God led me to Job 22:21-30, one week after I began making my vow. Today, Psalm 116:14 and 18. The commonality in these verses is assuring me I will be held to my vows I’ve made before the Lord.

    These past few months, and especially weeks, I’ve spent so much time on my knees praying, begging, and crying. At times, the enemy has made me feel so foolish for believing for a marriage miracle after it felt God was giving so many confirmations he was going to restore us.

    In my state, this divorce can be done in 30 days. It doesn’t seem real, and virtually impossible to stop. It would take an absolute miracle, especially since his mother is funding it.

    She explained she loves me, but wants her son to be “happy”. It’s all happening so fast, I’ve been so angry and confused, but slowly God has begun bringing me peace and building my hope.

    Like you, I have asked God for specific signs, starting at Christmas. I’ve yet to see that one. However, I also asked for prophesy.

    This past Saturday, by the grace of God, I was connected with a world know prophetess/minister. As you can well imagine, she fields tons of messages. However, she said Holy Spirit led her to reach out to me, personally.

    After a THREE hour conversation, she told me that Holy Spirit was showing her that my marriage was going to be restored. Since that time, I’ve spent more time in prayer, and fasting.

    Last night, another well know pastor that I tune into daily, put out a video. She always chooses to lead with a verse she picks out as the frame work for her message. Last night was Jeremiah 31:11 “I will deliver Jacob”.

    My husband’s name is Jacob! However, like you and even through all of this, I still over analyze and need confirmation/reassurance. I have once again been asking God to have him text me just a simple “Hey” (which in itself would be a miracle that he text me at all.

    Ive still received nothing, and am going on a month that I’ve not seen him, while I stay with family. To make matters worse, our anniversary is in two days.

    All of this shared to request that, you and all who are willing, please lift him up with me. I’m believing for his restoration to God, first and foremost. That his calling be fulfilled, and that our marriage be restored… this divorce be stopped, and our powerful testimony be shared, in Jesus name.

    I can feel it in my very being that we have an amazing testimony to share. It began, last year, and this restoration will make it all the more powerful. Even then we had people (we had never met) stopping us at stores and on the street, introducing themselves and telling us how they followed my blogs on social media. Churches reached out asking us to give testimony, and some approached me asking if I had ever considered writing a book or blogging for churches.

    It was all overwhelming, to say the least, and clearly the enemy was extremely threatened. Through all of this, I know God’s hand is at work, but it is still within our nature to doubt… most likely even if a burning bush assured us our prayers would be met with victory. 🙂

    Thank you – Ashley.

    1. — Don’t love any woman who doesn’t love you back and respect you. Give your heart and love to the person who loved you enough to DIE for you — JESUS CHRIST.
      — Don’t worship a woman — she is NOT worthy of worship. Worship GOD. — God will send you another woman who will love and respect you.

  5. Your testimony literally had me in tears. I’ve been separated from my husband for 2 years and we just had dinner last week after not seeing each other & barely communicating for 2 years. I desparately want to reconcile & I feel that God is placing this on my heart. It’s slow & uncertain at this moment and that saddens me. Ive done a lot of self reflecting, healing, forgiving, counseling and I’m praying. I will keep praying and keep asking for confirmation. Thank you for sharing your story. Many Blessings to you ❤️

    1. @JessicaSlocum1 — And she must also make sure that she intends to *Respect her husband and Submit to him as her head,* as God commands wives to do.

    2. Sometimes separation is for reconciliation just keep seeking God he will come through. Remember we walk by faith not sight you may not see any sign now doesn’t mean God is not working.

    3. Thank you sister for your faith and encouragement. I speak blessings over the Hudson’s in JESUS CHRIST Name. Please pray for the HALL’S. The door of the occult and witchcraft was Opened on our Marriage. It cost us to be separated and the loss of our home. I have repented and renounced the evil spirit of the occult, witchcraft. Please pray for us.

    4. Over for mines divorce was final last week I fought long as i cud tired now guess I’ll just lay down good luck to all of you who still have a chance at reconciliation

  6. Pray for my marriage restoration and change my husband heart and mind and his family members thank you God ameen

  7. Can I just say that you don’t have to ask God if your estranged spouse is the “one” you’re meant to be with. If you’re married, they’re the one. Hands down. Gods hand IS on your marriage.
    Thank you for the encouragement. My husband and I are separated, have been for 2 months, I filed for divorce so I could get a temporary custody order in place for our son. I am due to have our daughter in 5 days. He has been unfaithful my whole pregnancy having an emotional affair with a woman in a different state and as soon as we separated he started dating women locally. It hurts there are days I want to give up because I know that there’s grace for that but I am choosing to believe for my husbands salvation and for the restoration of our marriage. Divorce is just a piece of paper in Gods eyes you’re still one according to the Bible. Restoration is Gods perfect will

    1. Hi I know it been awhile since you posted this but just wanted to ask how’s things and congratulations on your new baby and I pray in the name of Jesus Christ everything is going well for you 🙏😇

    2. I pray and believe with you. I am believing my husband will surrender to the Lord n be renewed in his thinking as well.

  8. Please pray for my wife she filed for divorce i been 4 months out we 5 year old son please save my family please pray jesus help my family amen

    1. VAIO294 he asked for prayer to keep his family together. What God puts together let no one separate. Yes God comes first always and the closer we are to him and when we put our focus on him we also allow him to work on ourselves and our spouse. I have been the daughter of a broken marriage and after many years and hard work thank God my parents are still together. I also saw this in my own marriage. Splitting up the family SPECIALLY when kids are involved is Not Gods original plan for marriage. I will continue to pray for restoration.

    2. Janett Gonzalez in the name of Jesus rebuke that other person. Say Gods promises out loud if you have to and hold on to them for Dear Lord you said that we became one through marriage, Lord you said what God put together let no one separate, Jesus you said with God ALL things are possible! And just like you did to to Saul remove the scales from his eyes in Jesus name let him feel disgusted when he lusts for someone else because non of that comes from you. Jesus transform us to be more like you and less like ourselves. Grab your bible and fight the good fight! On your knees and praying for restoration for beauty out of ashes.

    3. @Karo — I know what he asked for, but keeping that family together may *NOT* be God’s will. GOD may *not* have put that marriage together in the first place.
      —– There are MANY marriages that God does not reconcile, but instead, moves the people on to new spouses. — And I agree, divorce can be very hard on the children, and that’s why men should be VERY careful about having kids with women, especially in this day and time with many wives simply refusing to honor, respect, and submit to their husband as God commands.
      — In fact, the Apostle Paul says that it is better for a man NOT to marry.
      So, my advice to him is that if she refuses to work things out do NOT beg her. It will only make her not respect him. — He needs to respect himself and know that she does NOT make him who he is.
      — In other words, he should *not* connect his self-worth to being with her – that only gives her power over him to hurt him. (Many women enjoy hurting men.)
      He needs to keep in mind that she is only a female. Nothing more. *So, don’t worship her.
      — If she does not want to be with him he needs to tell her GOOD RIDDANCE! There are MANY other women in the world and he will NOT have any trouble getting another woman – one whose heart will be with him. — Her’s obviously isn’t!

      He needs to accept that he can *not* make anyone love him. So, he should NOT want to be with ANY woman whose HEART is not with him. Such a woman will only use him and hurt him.
      He can be in the child’s life without being with the mother. — So, he should stop thinking that he MUST be with her. And instead, think about himself and about protecting himself from this woman whose HEART is not with him.
      He must be willing to cut his losses with that woman, take back control of his life, and spend some time with God, taking time to read the New Testament and see just how much JESUS CHRIST loves him!
      — He needs to give your heart and love to JESUS, not to any woman who doesn’t love him back!

      — Jesus loved him enough to DIE for him so that he can have eternal life by trusting Jesus to save him.
      >>>John 3;16 ~ “For God so LOVED the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in JESUS should NOT perish, but have everlasting life.”
      So, he should not be desperate nor be begging her to be with him. She’ll only see that as being weak. She won’t respect him for that.
      —- There IS life after that wife. Just as there was life before her.
      — Again, God does NOT always reconcile a marriage. Most times He does not. — So, I pray for whatever is GOD’s will concerning him and that marriage.

    4. Please God reconcile this marriage with a baptism of your love, wisdom, mercy and tender kindness in Jesus name.

    1. My dear God is doing it everyday and if you believe you need not even labor for it.Stay believing and there is nothing impossible with Him.

  9. I listen to this everyday.. and I pray.. I am asking for prayers of restoration for my marriage.. Thank you so much for posting this.. ❤️

    1. @JAMIA123 Xbox — I believe most husbands DO love their wife. — But with feminism even in the church, many wives seem to have a problem with obeying God’s command that they are to *respect* their husband and *submit* to their husband as their head and the head of the home.

  10. I just watched this video earlier…before all of this happened this evening.
    I left my husband two months ago. Within 3 weeks, I regretted my decision. We have been married 30 years. We’ve had some pretty bad years. The last two, before I left were really bad. He went through a horrible depression and was always angry. He was lost. I became lost, so I left.
    It’s been a heartbreaking, miserable past couple of months.
    I started mentioning the possibility of getting back together. He said that he couldn’t see that happening. I kept pushing, which pushed him away. He was angry and bitter, because I left. I understood that completely. He said he felt a sense of freedom. I had been too controlling and made him feel bad for wanting his space.
    I thought that I was going to have no choice but to move on.
    I surrendered my pain to God, and asked that he show me what I need to do…move forward, or not give up.
    My husband called me tonight and I asked for the last time, if he thought there was any chance of us getting back together…he said yes, there is!!
    We agreed to take it slow and start connecting again through calls and texts. He is still scared, but we are going to see how things go. He is going to fly here for Thanksgiving and stay with me a couple of days.
    Please pray for us.
    I believe your video was a sign that releasing myself to God was the right choice ❤

    1. Well, looks like he doesn’t want to commit. He knows he’s got the upper hand and says he still wants to enjoy his freedom. The best of both worlds for him, he knows I want this so bad.

    2. Do change your controlling ways, it makes all the difference.
      Remember to win Him without a Word. By chaste conversation accompanied by fear.
      This is our instruction to be with a man who does not obey the Truth. Please focus on quieting your soul and making God alone your treasure. That these are the most attractive qualities.

    1. — In your marriage, have you respected, honored, and submitted to your husband as being your head and the head of the household?

  11. Whenever I feel hopeless, I promise I go back and watch this video… I’m struggling, but I trust GOD! “ be it unto me me and my wife GOD” I’ve seen this video over 50 times👍

    1. I am praying in agreement with you, brother. I don’t know you but I was looking for a man who was trusting God for his marriage because it always seems like it’s the women standing in the spiritual balance. God bless you and please don’t give up, sir. Please let us know once God restores your marriage.

    2. classyt20f7 I will be praying for you. I know that God Is A Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Keep believing and never stop praying. He hears you and He loves you. You being alive after all you said you’ve been through is proof positive.

    3. @ Joseph — Don’t love any woman who doesn’t love you back and respect you. Give your heart and love to the person who loved you enough to DIE for you — JESUS CHRIST.
      — Don’t worship a woman — she is NOT worthy of worship. Worship GOD. — God will send you another woman who will love and respect you.


    2. Amen and Amen, I just finished praying for me restoration and then this the first video i come across here. Thank you Jesus I know you are talking to me and showing me with you all things are possible Amen

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