Myers-Briggs Personality Test

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Do you believe that opposites attract? Whether we're talking about our personal relationship with our honey, or our day-to-day interactions with our colleagues, we tend to be intrigued by those whose strengths are different from our own.

Until those differences start to drive us CRAZY!!!

You know when people do things that kind of bug you? As individuals, we tend to think "our way" is the "right" way — or at least the "better" way – whether it's how we drive, how we plan things, how we socialize and talk to people, even how we think.

OR maybe we react to our differences in the opposite way — with self-doubt – wondering "oh I should be more organized… less analytical… more outgoing."

Well it's time to stop judging others (or yourself) and just accept that we're just wired differently!

This video is on the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator Test. Knowing your personality type can seriously affect your marriage and personal relationships, not to mention your career. Matter of fact, it can make the difference between success and struggle — in ALL areas of your life.

I'm not affiliated with Myers-Briggs in any way; I'm just partial to it because I think it's one of the reasons my husband and I have such a strong marriage.

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19 thoughts on “Myers-Briggs Personality Test

  1. Hi Rena,
     I found your video to be really helpful and informative and structured well. It gave me a new understanding on personality types. Thank you..

  2. People tend to have pills for an easy and fast solution. Knowing what you are may mean something but to cope with it yoıu need to control yourself. Think of a narcisistic personality and try to use these traits or classifications with him or her. The best is to have psychoanalysis. Thee is no shorter way at least for many people.

  3. I’ve taken the test 3 times to make sure. Every single time I got INFJ. I’ve read up on INFJ’s and it’s really really scary how accurate it is.

    1. You make up less than 1% of the population then. It’s nice to hear there are other INFJ personality types out there though; I’m the same type as you. 😛

  4. Thanks!!! I really didn’t understand the Sensing or Intuitive portion… bit I am so Sensing… I have to have everything in detail lol… Thanks again.. you rock!! 

  5. Hi Rena, I’ve taken the Myers Briggs before and found it a bit confusing and monotonous to read through.  I’ve found another test I think might rival the Myers Briggs as a more up to date and easier to read test which also comes with training afterwords.  It’s geared towards helping people find success (in business, marriage, relationships, and personal flow).  Thought you might want to check it out and see what you think:

    Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and let me know what you think.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. extroverted=you like going out and being social
      intuitive= you like theory and big picture, intuitive people have wonder like expression
      feeling= you make decisions based on how you FEEL about the situation
      perceiver= you go with whatever wave comes along, flexible, procastinator if not pushed by someone

  6. Excellent! I learned my MB personality about twenty five years ago and it changed my life. Been preaching it ever since. I am doing research to try to get this test incorporated in schools, AA meetings, prisons, health clinics, juvenille hall, etc. Any suggestions?

  7. My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

    1. Hi there, 🙂
      I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful feedback,:) you have made my day:)
      So sorry for not getting back to you earlier,as i have many comments to answer.
      I am so pleased that you are and have enjoyed my posts:)

      I am thrilled at the fact that you are getting something good for yourself from my website:)
      Keep on looking through my posts, as i will be uploading so much more.
      A big GOD bless to you,and do look up,as our GOD looks at what is in our heart,and not the outside(our body)
      I thank you again so,so much for your most wonderful comments,and i love you for it,may our dear LORD GOD bless you richly,
      now and always, all the best to you always,yours sincerely – Kathryn (Kathryn Corbett) :):):)

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