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    1. +jades Terrys

      His affection insanity is precisely what turns most women off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Another pathetic preacher’ who spews the same churchian insanity over and again.

      Breaking news : to be aroused sexually , a woman needs to feel WANTED not ‘loved’.

      And this comes from a woman who hates hypocrisy .

    1. +Marcus Massas

      Sorry but shouldn’t because this message is not biblical.
      The core of marriage which is sex is NOT taught as the BIBLE teaches it.
      Have you ever read 1 Corinthians 7 ?

      This man is totally off Scriptures because hedoes NOT tell married people that they have absolutely NO RIGHT over their own body .
      A wife has NO AUTHORITY over her body but her husband has.
      A husband has NO AUTHORITY over his own body but his wife has

      So , how can a wife reject her husband sexually since her body does not belong to her anymore ????
      The husband is in control of her body. He cannot let her sin that way !!!!!!!!!!!
      Please answer that tough one.

      Moreover , that man portrays us women as asexual frigid imbeciles , doesn’t he ?
      As if we did not long for sex too ! What a demonic lie .

      Totally off scripture again : the BIBLE commands husbands to render their wives their DUE that is SEX.

      And all is rant on affection is so sterotypical and insane !
      To be aroused sexually , a woman needs to feel WANTED , not loved.
      Because women ARE sexual beings too !!!!!!!

      Last but not least , that man does not teach wives to be submissive and obedient at all .

      DEMONIC teaching.

  1. False teaching again .. women don’t need sex but affection ??? Of course women DO need sex , they were made sexual like men !
    What is that garbage seriously ?
    No , a woman does not need to be told everyday that she is loved by her husband. That is pure sentimental insanity that has nothing to do with sex at all , which is the very core of marriage.

    To be aroused for sex , a woman needs to feel WANTED , not loved. Awoman is aroused when the man is horny and wants her.

    Those so called preachers are absoultely clueless of female psyche.
    They should read the Bible …!

    1. +lisa6356

      If he was a good preacher , he would teach EXACTLY What the Bible teaches and not What the feminist-driven world teaches.
      He would teach that a husband is commanded to render his wife her sexual DUE .
      How could sex be only a man thing since God made both sexes sexual ?
      Morever , God gave the wife authority over her husband’s body in order to have a right to claim her sexual due and get it.
      This does not make sense at all.
      His teaching is false .

    2. You, are listening wrong. Honestly this man is so far the only person I have meet that teaches like that. There is no lie. He never said women doesn’t have sexual desires. Ours is a want while the male is a need.

    3. +lisa6356
      If he does not teach that sex is duty within marriage , he is a liar sorry to say .
      You say he is not the only one who teaches like that , but plenty of so called preachers don’t preach the truth about marital duty anymore .

    4. +lisa6356

      I don’t agree with the want /need thing.
      Both sexes need sex but in a different way.
      For a man , it is more physical because the male’s semen buildup demands release .
      But for us women , made in a different way , our sexual need is more emotional because we need to feel sexually wanted.
      Man is the initiator and woman the responder and both match perfectly. 

      Making a difference between want and need is to me a subtle way to pretend that men are weaker than women in sexual matters because theirs is a need just like hunger or thirst.
      It makes men depend totally on women as if men were beggign for sex. Add to that their false teaching that a wife still has power over her own body , and contemplate the disaster.

      It is absolutely true that sex is portrayed for a man as a thirst in Proverbs 5 verse 18 but the man does not beg for sex like a dog begs for a lumb of sugar.
      The man comes to his wife for sexual release and is invited by the Lord to DRINK from HIS cistern (his wife’s body) .
      Whether it is a need or a want ior whatever does not matter , What matters is that a married man owns his wife’s body as the BIBLE teaches .

      But fake preachers teach  conditional sex , which is absolutely devilish.

      A married man has UNconditional access to sex ( 1 Corinthians 7 verse 5) and so has the wife anyway.

      Now , regarding the so called gretaer weakness of man is this matter (as they love putting it so unjustly) , any honest Christian can notice in 1 Corinthians 7 verse 5 that BOTH sexes may be tempted if there is a lack of sex .
      Just read with me :
      “Come together again so that Satan does not tempt YOU (both spouses) because of your lack of self control.”
      Here is the truth : it is not because we don’t have the same physiological mechansim in our bodies that we cannot be tempted because we have NO self control in these matters just like men.

      If Christians were not lazy but read their Bible thoroughly instead of listening to charlatans , they would know the entire truth .

      Although the husband is the head , God in sexual matters gives exactly the same authority to the wife (over her husband’s body) as he gives to the husband.
      Because BOTH lack self control .
      Women when they reach puberty are soon tormented by this need to be sexually desired.
      It IS a need  , although not a physical one.

      The Bible speaks the truth in every area of life.

      This preacher  as well as so many on YT when dealing with the topic of sex make it unjustly a man thing in order to make man more vulnerable  in our eyes .
      They keep telling that a lack of sex will cause the man to be tempted .
      This is false teaching : BOTH may be tempted .

    1. @ yonoues aThis is biblical teaching ?? Adressing the topic of sex without teaching the KEY PASSAGE which is 1 Corinthians 7 verse 5 that tells it all about sex and its obligations in marriage ?This passage that tells us to fight sin and save ourselves from sexual temptations by having unconditional access to sex ?How come this so called man of God does not preach it ?

  2. I thank you so much for this powerful man of God i wish these teaching would reach the whole entirely world.

  3. Rip dr munroe! Ur msg helped me so much and taut me so much right at the very start. U helped me avoud so many mistakes and correct the ones i was making . God bless u !

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