One Question That Will Save Your Marriage

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— One Question That Will Save Your Marriage
Did you know that there’s ONE question that you can ask your spouse that will improve your marriage almost instantly?

How’s it going, Brad Browning here… and I’m a marriage expert from Vancouver, Canada. In this video, I’m going to cover the one question that you can ask your spouse TODAY that will improve your marriage by leaps and bounds overnight.

In fact, if you ask this question every single day to your spouse, don’t be surprised if things change so dramatically that your spouse breaks down and recommits to you and your marriage.

So what’s the magical question?

It’s… “How can I improve your day?”

Let me tell you about a quick story about two clients of mine… Brian and Cindy. Every single day, they would argue about almost everything. It was almost as if they would pick fights for the sake of picking fights! And these arguments were no joke either… they would oftentimes scream and yell at the top of their lungs, often times even in front of their two kids.

Based on my initial meeting with them, I knew exactly what was wrong… and the problem that they experienced is an issue that’s extremely common — and that is, they didn’t see each other as their “teammate”. See, in successful marriages, couples act as if they’re two players on the exact same team. They pinch hit for each other when the other can’t step up to bat, they’ll pass the ball to each other while moving up the court, and they function better TOGETHER than AWAY from each other. So whether you’re talking about something as simple as sharing the house chores, planning a trip, navigating their finances, or raising children, successful and happy couples make sure that they support one another no matter what.

But Brian and Cindy didn’t have this mindset at all. How could I tell that this was the case? Well, in my initial meeting with them, I heard them use the word “I” and “you” 92% more than they used the word “we”.

It was always… “I am doing so much work for you around the house” or “I can’t stand it when you won’t stick up for me!”

They were framing every single dispute as if they were always the victim… and that no matter hard they tried, they couldn’t get their partner to see them in the way that they wanted to be seen.

Now… Brian and Cindy aren’t unique. Again, I’ve seen this situation arise in couples all the damn time… and I know EXACTLY how to deal with it.

One of the very first things that I got them to was to begin with one of the most important strategies when it came to fixing a marriage… and it’s to SACRIFICE yourself for the greater good. I told them about that magical question about I mentioned in the beginning of this video…

I forced them, every single day, to start off the day with… “How can I improve your day?”

When they first started using this strategy, they admitted to me that it felt awkward for them. They didn’t FEEL like that the other person DESERVED any acts of service. In fact, initially, they felt like their partner deserved a good yelling instead of any acts of love…

But after a week of doing this every single day, things began to change…

Suddenly, Brian began felt feeling more relaxed every morning. He would wake up beside Cindy and instead of thinking about all the negative thoughts that he once had, he began to only think about improving Cindy’s day. He thought about it as a job that he had to do… or a duty almost!

The same thing happened to Cindy. She told me that after a few days, a great deal of pain, anger, and resentment began to lift from her chest… and she slowly began to feel EAGER to improve her husband’s day.

Over time, the arguments became less intense. They became less frequent… and their children began to notice and even they began to show levels of happiness that Brian and Cindy haven’t seen in ages. They effectively created a more loving environment that SELF PERPETUATED… and it all began with a simple question: “How can I improve your day?”

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45 thoughts on “One Question That Will Save Your Marriage

    1. Yes,but what if only one is trying this exercise and the other doesnt wanna hear about stuff like that(self help strategies,counceling)

  1. This would work better if you are still together, if you are separated, idk.

    I usually say “what can I do to help.” It seems to calm things down

    Or “I am here to help you and the kids”

    1. I like the idea of portraying that you are a part of a team, by doing simple things like changing I and you to we

  2. I did no contact and my ex started reaching out I would say something simple like cool or nice and hope all is well. and go back to no contact. She became aggravated and stoped reaching out and is trying to make me jealous by creating social media she didn’t have before and added all her exs what should I do ?

    1. I no this because as soon as she made the Social media she popped up as suggested friends and her only friends were ex’s or people she knew I disliked I didn’t say a word to her about this . But it makes me want to move on and not play the childish games should I just move on. I no she wanted to get back because she kept reaching out sending me old pictures or songs and saying she loved me but she’s to bull headed to say let’s work this out. And when I said let’s fix things she said she needed to find herself . Idk why she’s playing games and idk if I should continue the no contact.

    2. Your ex could be just testing you. Posted a video about that, pls. look it up! Once you’ve already completed the full 30-day “no contact” rule, then the texting tips here will be a good starter: This means you take time focusing on the second phase and eventually the third phase when the time is right. This won’t happen overnight, of course, but it’s something you ought to continue to work on to the point where you’re gradually building attraction again. This is what my guide is for. Have you checked it out yet? It’s too complicated to explain everything on here, but here’s an overview of these phases and what to expect in each one: Good luck!

  3. THANK YOU Brad! Words cannot describe the feeling I have had knowing my ex girlfriend wants me back after doing a lot that you’ve recommended. Would 100% recommend what he says to anyone reading this.

  4. Brad my ex girlfriend texted me saying she had to mute me on social media becaue she can’t see my living my life without her in it. What does this mean!? She also says she misses me and loves me but says so don’t think she can see me yet, this is after no contact

    1. One thing that most people don’t realize is that they hold the key. Have you been actively trying to get your ex back? Don’t wait for this person to have an epiphany. If you want your ex back, then keep track of what you’ve been doing to see if it’s productive or not. Here’s a quick overview: and it’s best to go by the golden rules here: Have you checked out my guide yet? It may be time to revamp your techniques. Before anything else though, take the free quiz on my website to gauge your chances of getting your ex back.

    2. Brad Browning we have sorted the problems out, we had a bad time last year but we figured out communication is key and we are nowstronger than ever, no contact worked wonders, it’s was very hard to do no contact as we had been together 3 years but it paid off thanks for all of your tips

    3. Brad Browning also her sister had just pasted away 2 months before we broke up, she was struggling bad with depression aswell witch. Probably contributed to her pushing me away when she did

  5. Hi brad, is it a good idea to wish your ex a happy birthday/send them a card? I was thinking of ending no contact by wishing them a happy birthday.

    1. You’re not breaking any rules if you greet an ex on their birthday as long as you do it right. So yes, can send your ex a birthday greeting on his/her birthday, just make it quick and direct to the point, end the conversation first too because you’re busy (and I’m sure your ex is, too) — it helps if you really are, so hang out with friends, learn a new skill, etc. Also avoid drama like the plague and don’t get into an argument with your ex at any cost.

  6. I have recently heard of the law of attraction technique. Can i practice this technique during no contact period or is it better to avoid thinking of him during this period??

    1. @Brad Browning I gave it a shot…i used to practice thinking what all i want from my partner…like understanding n calm nature since mine is aggressive…n yes i found such person n now we r on d verge of our marriage. My ex for whom i started it all didnt turn up but instead i found someone who i was longing for and i share far better relation with him compared to my ex. And hence it is proved that universe conspires to give what u want.

  7. So me and my girlfriend broke up two days ago. I’m torn apart. The day after, she made out with one of her best friends. The reason she’s saying we can’t be together is because she wouldn’t be able to trust herself. But she’ll still contact me if I engage in conversation. She still tells me she loves me and cares for me as well. Any advice ?

    1. Your ex is most likely lying about the reason of the breakup so try not to fall for that. Discussed that here: However, the bottom line is your ex has significantly lost attraction. Watch what I’ve explained here and watch the entire length of the video to gain full understanding, as well as know what to do: It’s important to rebuild the attraction naturally so your ex will be amenable to working things out, eventually. This is what my guide is for but you can also learn the basic principles of my 3R system here and watch the vid til’ the end so you don’t end up missing the important points: and the golden rules here:

    1. Really sorry to hear that. There’s no easy way to say this but the answer is is to move on, especially if your ex doesn’t seem to be regretting their actions and asking to get back together. Most of the time, a lot of people would move on, but a few would still fight for the relationship, so this all depends which side you’re on and what your views are. But take into consideration about what I’ve mentioned here, too: There is no right or wrong answer here because it is your relationship and it’s personal to you. Make sense? Anyway men and women cheat for different reasons, but if you think your ex is worth it and if there’s been a genuine connection between you two before the cheating happened, then try to see the roles that you BOTH played that led to all this mess and see once and for all if it can be resolved or not, okay? Really take your time before deciding though and be sure not to make any hasty decisions from an emotional place. Someone asked me the same question as you and here’s what I told them, refer to the second question: Take care!

    1. I really hate to burst your bubble here but let her finish whatever unfinished business she has with this ex. Sorry, but there’s not much you can do at this point, especially if your relationship only lasted a short while and more so if she’s seemingly (subconsciously or not) used you as a rebound, for your ex to jump back too quickly with him. Good luck and I hope you find the right woman for you soon!

  8. My husband and I are separated and he wants a divorce, can it still be saved even if we don’t live together at this point? How can I get my husband to fall in love with me again?

    1. Why wait too long to try and save your marriage? Try to gauge your chances here first: These may help, hopefully:  AND buf if you still need my help in trying to fix your marriage, sign up for my Mend the Marriage coaching program so I can take a look at the real deal and help you out, at

  9. Brad, how do I use the question if I separated from my wife and she wants to keep contact to a minimum? Also she is unwilling to work on the marriage.

    1. You should keep contact with her to a minimum, man, especially if you still have shared responsibilities with her. If things seem hopeless and you’re wanting to save the marriage on your own, my clients found their peace by having applied the tips similar to the ones I mentioned on these videos:  AND  If you’re still having trouble, consider signing up for my Mend the Marriage coaching program so I can help take a look at all the other factors at play and find out what’s really going on, monitor your situation, and guide you on a regular, ongoing basis at

  10. Brad you saved my marriage. I didn’t even realize how bad my marriage had become until I started to try and implement your advice. I did buy your program right away. Please listen to Brad! You can save your marriage by yourself. That was the biggest thing that hit me. You can save your marriage even if you’re the only one that wants to save it. My wife and of 18 years are now doing better than we may have ever been.

    1. Thank your ex anyway, and then back off for some time (a few days) before sending another one of my text messaging tips.

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