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    1. @HashTagRealName The art of sandwich making is highly regarded by both men and women, but just in the rare case it’s not being regarded as an essential survival skill hide the cereals, fruit bowl and install a big metal lock on the fridge.

    1. @IRON MIND It certainly is not a viable propagation strategy, as you aptly pointed out earlier. Some of the decisions made, particularly by young men, are based in cost and benefit analysis, and some are finding that the cost of marriage and family to be too high and contain too much risk for the limited benefits they feel are gained. It is a common expression among the growing absentee men of my sons generations (Millennial, Early Gen Z) that the costs have become prohibitive, that “the juice is not worth the squeeze.”

      This is what was at the heart of Alpha Male’s post i believe. As you said, it is legitimate. But it is also worrisome.

    2. @Paul Tweedlie dude u can have children through surrogacy and taste tube babies. U can have females in your life if u keep dating different people. U don’t have to compromise man.

    3. @the Real Circle, hotter girl’s turn 18 everyday. Why risk the farm for a fat wife, cuck, divorce raped, and not in the mood? Bachelor life ftw.

    4. @Paul Tweedlie yes men are not allowed to have children in western society any way.
      -you won’t get divorced raped and end up homeless and suicidal
      -you won’t have your children taken away from you
      -you won’t have your children used for emotional and financial blackmail

  1. Georgia, you’ve officially gone off the deep end. Only a masochist would accept being cheated on. Most people wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. It’s sick and twisted to do that kind of thing to your partner and only an idiot would stay and I ain’t even touched on the kind of effects it would have on any children involved…

    1. @Georgia Free It’s because, regardless of whether you identify as polyamorous or not, your overview of polyamory is largely idealized and overlooks any downsides. You also seem to overlook the effects of being cheated on and why people are overwhelmingly opposed to the suggestion of turning the relationship into a polyamourous one following an infidelity. Modern psychologists recognize it causes a form of trauma. As such, you can’t expect people to act in a purely logical way when dealing with such things. Regardless, that’s not to say I think that the solution offered by polyamory is an entirely logical one either, but then again, relationships are rarely logical in nature anyway. My point is that infidelity and polyamory introduce an additional element of instability because of the significant emotional changes it causes in partners.

    2. @Womble Dewd I’d like to add that in my 5 years of experience in polyamory, meeting and knowing a lot of poly people, there is definitely a correlation between polyamory and mental health issues. IME, most poly people suffer from mental health issues or personality disorders. I think in most cases they are pre-existing, but also exacerbated by the slings and arrows of the polyamory lifestyle.

      A lot of people getting into polyamory do so with idealism. They don’t know the pain and the challenges that await them. So, while it can be ethically and successfully done, most people will struggle a great deal. But would they struggle even more if they were monogamous? That’s a good question to consider.

    3. @Georgia Free I don’t think you can stop certain people from thinking you’re a proponent of something just for discussing it, unfortunately. Some people are on a mission to slay dragons, and so they’ll see dragons wherever they go and just start slaying before you can tell them “I’m not the dragon you’re looking for” 🙂

    4. You’re right that it would take a masochist. That’s why societies never evolved wherein a woman had two or three husbands, but plenty of societies had a man with two or three wives.

      One works, the other doesn’t. One accepts the natural inclinations of the genders and the other doesn’t. The flaw in the “polyamory” discussion is that it assumes that there’s perfect equality between the genders, never accounting for the fact that the woman can get sex a hundred times more often than the man can. It’s that sex-drive difference that caused the societies that worked.

      Even in an “open” relationship where you go to swinger parties, they have strict rules about married couples only because they know they’d be flooded with hundreds of single men looking to have fun. Why? Because there are dozens and dozens of men willing to bed a woman who is reasonably attractive.

      Can you imagine a woman with two husbands? That’d be rich! Both guys complaining about not getting enough, and the wife doing what? Is she really going to handle the wants and desires of two husbands? That’s a bit unrealistic, and we’ve all seen it either in our own marriages or that of our friends.

      Flip that around though, and a man with two or three wives can make sure they’re all content without being pushy about his own needs. That’s what mistresses have always been for, and a “harem” only legitimizes the mistress so nobody has to hide in the shadows or sneak around.

  2. Western civilization depends on honesty, trust, self control and discipline at every level of society. Monogamy is a function of that.

    1. ​@Tim Bucks Thanks for reading i guess…
      Isn´t it also a great “achievement” of mankind that 2 people can disagree without going ham at each other like some savage, rabid animals.

    2. Sadly, this is breaking down and under assault. It’s cruel and uncaring to tell someone they can’t lay on the sidewalk all day and shoot up heroin in front of our children. Setting academic standards is now racist, as is Shakespeare, Byron, Keats. Teachers are describing a nightmare scenario going on in our schools. The world portrayed in the movie Idiocracy is taking shape all around us.

    1. But how do we know? Those dirty little cameras hiding their secrets on their SD cards… It just starts with a click and next you know the bark is off and it’s lying spreadeagled for the camera to enjoy…

  3. The excuse most people give for cheating is “I’m not getting what I want at home”. Most people don’t get what they want at home because they don’t ask for it. Bottom line, if I’m not enough, no one ever will be and that ultimately means an endless parade of johnsons pummeling the woman I love. No thanks.

    1. @Kent Johnson And men want a woman who will love them just for the person that they are. You can’t always get what you want. And in this case neither will get it. It would help both sexes to admit this though. Knowing is half the battle.

  4. All the people I’ve ever known who had open marriages had several open divorces as well. Take it from me, I’ve been married for 43 years and known my wife for 47 years, I have been propositioned several times, and my inner sense of self worth has allowed me to gently reject the offers.
    It’s true what they say about honour, it’s just dishonourable to behave in a way that shows disrespect for yourself and your family.

    1. Interesting that you said “family” here in your last sentence, bear with me as I say this – To me it seems like when you’re a teen, especially nowadays, boomer parents actually *want* their kids to socialize by drinking alcohol and having sex before legal age and hell maybe even do some drugs too because said parents did those things at about the same age as their teenage kids. Having rejected that lifestyle 10 years ago myself I’d get both parents, but especially on my mother’s side, periodically denouncing me because everyone else was doing it and couldn’t fathom as to why I wasn’t interested.

      So that said, to me these days, the idea that “dishonor” in the form of cheating/polygamy is even shunned upon, especially for the women’s side but either I guess, wouldn’t seem like something that would be offensive and wrong to your parents at the very least, if you’re counting them as part of the “family” you mention here, since such practices could’ve been explored during prime teen/20 years. Though maybe you’re saying this in the context of having started a family whereby the boyfriend/husband is already father by then.

  5. Polyamory has only ever worked in the arguments of people defending it, in reality it rarely if ever works long term, its a bit like Communism in that regard, in that its an ideal that can be argued for in long dissertations but comes crumbling down once implemented.

    1. @3 Girls In Love Without a strong moral foundation which typically comes from a religion, I see few examples of polyamory that last a lifetime. Most end in horrible breakups.

    2. Olde Dominion absolutely. And I completely agree. Polyamory – in the terms of women sleeping with other men – doesn’t work. Responsible polygyny in the 3 girls in love concept we have created does work. Learn more about our fool proof concept on my channel. More than 100+ videos.

      It works because we apply truth and principles – and understand the emotional needs of each gender. Truth = that which WORKS, in the looong run and in the biiiig scheme of things

    3. ​@Olde Dominion i agree with polyamory, in terms of women sleeping with more than one man. But if all the women are committed to the same man, in terms of 3 girls in love – then it’s different if the man knows what he is doing. Men are able to compartmentalize, and love more than one woman at a time. And in 3 girls in love, all are committed to truth.

    4. @Inhale Totheface This is correct. There can be like minded people that come into a relationship with that already on the table but as a “fix”… that, I suspect, would be exceedingly rare.

  6. Now that you’ve made yet another video on this subject, I have to assume it’s coming from some situation in your life. In which case my advice is: you could certainly find someone who would only want you, and that’s what you deserve. So whether you have a guy cheating on you, or you’ve gotten involved with a married man (hope not), or you’re trying to tie down some guy you think you have to do this for, you should cut that guy out and move on.

    1. She is a doctor, so I assume she is the sidechick of some rich surgeon who is married and has kids, who claims to be in a polyamorous relationship. Women will rationalize ,find logic to justify their actions/feelings whatever it is.

    2. @Vapor Trails Georgia sounds like a nice person. But even nice people sometimes do stupid things. It would really be tragic if she is involved in this lifestyle.
      One of the challenges of being a highly educated woman is the difficulty in finding a suitable mate to marry. Women naturally want someone better than themselves, as mates. That begs the question: how many guys are better than a doctor, professionally speaking? And how many of them are still single? And how many singles among them would like to marry another doctor (hint: very few)?

  7. Polyamory absolutely did help my marriage. My husband and I saw the tragic, horrifying fallout of other people engaged in the practice and were convinced to never entertain the possibility even before it became a subject in our own marriage.

    1. @Sam Ah! Someone with rudimentary literacy skills. My hat’s off to you, good sir. lol!

    1. @Aria Alexandria Of course I’m not talking about rape. If some guy were to rape my beloved, she would still be my treasure, and I guarantee that man would mysteriously die.

      But we’re not talking about that here. We’re talking women who willingly give themselves to another man & LET him leave his seed in her. From personal experience I know this is very common.

  8. I will not share any part of my wife with another. Weather I’m called selfish or not. And I believe polyamory is a clear sign that the society is about to die a Roman death. Rome isn’t burning its burnt. And the saddest part of this is the female complicity designed by justification to be a central norm. Polyamory is simple adultery. Yes that word still exists. And it absolutely has meaning. Monogamous relations are by statistical analysis to be found as the best means for children to grow and become productive adults in society-( if we survive ourselves that is). So is being heterosexual. There isn’t a nuclear bomb anywhere that could rend this from my soul. Eventually Mgtow will not be enough- and other actions will be needed, and until that day I am non violent.
    Mankind is dying. Inside and out. The future- if we are to have one, will need families, but not only that- the concept of a family will have to be protected. Jealousy and rage will need to be handled in a humane way. And women will be forced by nature itself to figure out why the collapse came about or suffer an eternal fall right along side their complicit males

    1. Responsible polygyny is the answer. Only 3 women though.

      Women are beginning to open their eyes for it. It’s the future.

      Only way to eradicate porn and prostitution, is if men set that standard. I teach it on my channel

    1. I teach responsible “3 girls in love” polygyny to women on my channel 🙂 it might just turn out to be the solution to all world problems

  9. I can’t find even one woman to start a relationship with or sleep with…

    All I see poly doing is allowing 80% of women to continue chasing 20% of men. Meanwhile the other 80% of men, no matter how good they are, will continue to struggle.

    1. That is the point lol, players made this thing up the more socially acceptable they make it the more women they can find sidechicks, put as plates into their rotation. Also gives a good excuse for women who are cheating to “rationalize” their actions.

    2. I’m in the same boat I cant really understand it. I know they dont consider me attractive. But some of the guys I see with women I’m like wtf.

    1. I didn’t. You can come and take her home now. She is starting to annoy me. She can’t cook to save her life. She never shuts up. I feel like I am doing all the heavy lifting.

  10. Its hard wired in to woman they are afraid if a man is emotionally involved with another they may divert their resources to them which would harm the 1st one. For men its hard wired that we dont want a situation where our woman gets pregnant from another man and we spend our resources raising someone else’s DNA.

  11. If your wife asks you for an open relationship she’s trying to find someone else but doesn’t want to lose you until she can monkeybranch to someone else

  12. If my “partner” comes to me and suggests polyamory to save the marriage… Then she has already cheated and the “marriage” is already over.

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