Prayer for Marriage Restoration | POWERFUL (Part 1/4)

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We will go to the Father in prayer for marriage restoration. This is for dead marriages, divorced marriages, and tumultuous marriages to be restored, reconciled and rejuvenated. This prayer is for 4 areas of marriage restoration.
1. Making Jesus the focus of this marriage.
2. Cleansing from sexual sin and temptation in the marriage.
3. Protection and provision for the spouse praying and standing for the marriage.
4. Healing from all wounds within the marriage.

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90 thoughts on “Prayer for Marriage Restoration | POWERFUL (Part 1/4)

  1. Thank you for your beautiful Marriage Restoration prayer sister, I want a marriage restoration, in Jesus name , please bring back my husband to me forever, because I need my husband and my home and happily married life,I love my husband , my father my Lord Jesus , last five years im in pain , Jesus please remove all the enemies from me and from my husband , this 3rd party’s enemies are broking my happy married life. Please help me my Jesus almighty father, I need miracle for my marriage restoration, I believed and I received in Jesus name , Amen and Amen .Thank you so much for your prayer.

    1. Amen. Thank you. He divorced me, angry and stubborn and seeing someone but I am trusting and believing God for maraige restoration.

    2. JAYITA AGREE WITH YOUR PRAYER, lord jesus humble our spouses and us also, soften their hearts and give them dreams-encounters from you. KEEP TRUSTING IN OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. let go and let god do his work. HE IS IN MOVE EVEN WHEN WO DO NOT SEE IT OR FEEL IT: AMEN

    3. Dear soon we shall testify the lords doings….me tooo iam praying for my marriage restoration in jesus mighty name..i believe its done..

    1. @Andrew Simpson
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    2. My wife of 47 years betrayed me in March of 2019. Had me falsely arrested (all charges dismissed), filed for divorce, refused to communicate. Our daughters have disowned her and got no contact orders on their children and are pursuing disinheritance. She’s a self admitted alcoholic with behavioral problems. No communication with me OR our daughters in 18 months. A divorcetrial is set for late Oct. and not

    3. @John Lindermuth

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    4. @Edward Young
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  2. I am standing in Agreement!! I believe and receive it that everyone on this page that is praying for restoration there love one will return and love like never before and I believe and receive for myself! Amen in Jesus name Amen!! By your stripes Lord you said it was healed and put back together Amen

    1. @Earthly Kisses

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  3. Please pray for my wife and me that has separated from the marriage from so much hatred towards me. Her name is Brandy Andrade

    1. MabR an RR marriage restored back together again with blessings I believe it an I Recieve it our RESTORATION n Jesus name AMEN,

    2. @Boot Henderson

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    3. @Boot Henderson life is too short to start feeling bad… There’s this man who restored my broken relationship after many years of separation within 48 hours…

  4. I’m in need of prayer for my husband that has left home for him to return BK to me and his family also for his salvation because he doesn’t know Christ and for God to remove the Jezebel that’s lurking in his mind,God u promise us that wat u put together left no one put asunder, u said marriage is honorable and u love marriage as Christ love the church so I’m holding on to those promises for me and all the marriages in need..God bless

  5. I believe and I receive that god would touch my husband Glenn Robinson and restore our marriage of 19 years…. and move that cocaine demon and what ever that’s not of him in Jesus name Amen

    1. Asking for prayers for my marriage to be restored back together again with blessings N Jesus Name AMEN keep me n your awesome prayers I’m handicapped and my husband RR has walked away from us and the kids and ashamed of me because I am definitely down sick an n a wheelchair 🦼 I’m still his wife and I love ❤️ our family marriage an I’m very very much a full woman still N Jesus Name AMEN 😇. Says he needs a woman who can walk an keep up with him and this man is almost 60 years old. How much keep up he needs he on vitamins if u no what I mean ADULTS. Excuse me please, pray for me please. We need it bad our youngest kids have quit school to help me us out with the electricity bills and Etc Etc while he off chasing women and drinking Hennessy all day long and ghost 👻 us Etc Etc asking for prayers our marriage be restored back together again with blessings N Jesus Name Amen 😇🏡😍💯🦋RR October 19,1960&mabr July 20,1961 marriage reconciliation reunite N Jesus Name amen ❤️😇

    1. Queen Denia Yesss I definitely definitely need help. 1-951-829-9515 N Jesus Name Yesss I’m handicapped an he has walked away from us our family marriage kids everything kids had to quit school for us me to eat an keep the electricity bills on etc etc Yesss I need prayers pray for me an my marriage rr&mabr marriage blessings my health reunite back to me he RR my husband is ashamed of me because I am n a wheelchair 🦼 now and he says that I can’t keep up with him now keep up this fool is 60 years old. I am 59 Yesss I definitely appreciate still being here an arthritis may have been my health issues but I definitely definitely still his wife and I still here thank you Jesus 😇💯. He has ghost 👻 me us family marriage kids gone crazy 😜 no communication no matter what no nothing asking N Jesus Name to heal my health an family marriage N Jesus Name amen 😇💯him RR October 19,1960& me wife manR July 20,1961. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Blessings to you all N Jesus Name AMEN 😇🦋❤️

  6. Thank you 🙏🏻 a miracle can happen now
    In my marriage and with all marriages throughout this world. In the name of Jesus

  7. I stand in agreement that the Lord has already restored our marriage. I pray he gives me peace & patience as I wait for Him to put the pieces back together. I pray that God will immediately remove the intruder on our marriage that my husband moved into our home 5 months ago. I pray that the Lord has already put in place a true solution to our financial distress that opened up the gateway for my husband to be tempted and drug down a path he admits he regrets and wishes would never had happened. He had admitted just this evening that our separation & things that have transpired are not what he wanted. He is lost, broken & feeling defeated. So I lift him up and pray the Lord fully restore his faith, as he also restores our marriage. Amen

    1. @Queen Denia , Thank you! I’m still praying that the Lord will intervene & recify this situation. My husband & I are on mostly good terms, and he keeps trying to reassure me that he’s wotking on a way to remove her from our lives. So, I keep praying to Jesus because until I see real proof, and don’t have much faith he’s being truthful to me about this & not just stringing me along for some reason. We also work a business together that we struggled with last year, it was beginning to pick up this Spring until covid19 struck. In the past week or two it looks like business is picking up again. But I’m praying that he’s not
      stringing me along until business gets going well, then drop the hammer on me.

  8. Prayer warriors I am seeking your prayers as I stand for my marriage through this separation. My walk with God has strengthen tremendously, which has made me a better man and will be a better husband for my wife. I am praying that my heart’s desire is God’s Will. I humbley appreciate your your prayers thank you

  9. Thank you for this prayer. I decree and declare my husband will be saved and our marriage will be restored. Uniting with all of those on this thread and lifting up your marriages before our father. ❤️

    1. Prayers my DEAR! Going through trouble and deceit with my husband. Stepping out of our marriage. For something else. HURTING WIFE.

  10. God hates divorce, please pray for me my husband and I separated in 2001, the Lord told me theres nothing He cannot do. So He told me to go back to my husband. We are slowly coming back together after 18 years Praise the Lord.

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