Prayer For Marriage Restoration – Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage

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Prayer For Marriage Restoration – Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage

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Welcome To The Prayer For Marriage Restoration.

Heavenly Father, we gather together here online and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus.

Where two or more are gathered there You shall surely be and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do.

I lift up those watching this video and we come into agreement and lift up their marriage.

Lord, Your Word says in Rom 5:5 that love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

If You say that it is in there then that settles it – no matter what we feel.

Father, You are love and You are inside us.

Therefore love is working in the marriage of the listener and restoration is flowing abundantly now in Jesus Name.

We declare that love and it’s restorative power is expressed in its fullness in their relationship.

We pray that they will let all bitterness, bad moods, malice, wrath, indignation, rage, bad tempers, resentment, brawling, spite, ill-will, clamor, contention, slander, abuse, evil speaking, or blasphemous language be banished from their marriage.

We break the power of these things in Jesus Name…

Help them to live in harmony and in one accord with one another.

We speak strength over them now in Jesus Name…

They are not boastful or vainglorious and they do not display themselves haughtily.

They are not rude and unmannerly and they do not act unbecomingly…

They bear up under anything and everything that comes and they are ever ready to believe the best of each other.

The listener and their spouse’s hopes are fadeless under all circumstances.

They endure everything without weakening.

Their love never fails.

They speak the truth in love, dealing truly, and living truly in their marriage.

They are enfolded in love, growing up in every way and in all things.

They esteem and delight in one another, forgiving one another readily and freely as God in Christ has forgiven us.

They live by faith according to Your Word Father.

They are imitators of You and copy Your example as well beloved children imitate their father.

Again we declare, that every day their marriage grows stronger because it is founded on Jesus…

We break any strongholds he has placed in their marriage in Jesus Name.

We declare freedom in their marriage now in Jesus Name.

We declare that they are united in total peace and harmony and happiness.

We declare that by the power of God and Your grace their marriage is fully restored.

We declare that they are strengthened right now in Jesus Name to carry on in their journey of marriage.

Thank You for the answer Father.

In Jesus Name we pray.



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54 thoughts on “Prayer For Marriage Restoration – Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage

  1. I pray every day that my husband and I will have restored marriage, I have faith that he will do exactly what he said he will do I’m praying for all marriages that God will move on our behalf in the blood of Jesus amen

  2. God bless us all who pray for restoration and want to continue finding balance and understanding , and love in are marriages God bless

  3. Thanks for helping us with the power of prayer. With all diligence I have been praying for restoration of our marriage and continue to do my best as a peacemaker. I pray others who are struggling will continue to pray and believe that their partner will open their hearts to Love and forgiveness for any wrong doing, real or perceived, in Jesus’ name.

  4. Lord I thank You in advance for restoration of my marriage. In Jesus name!
    Awesome prayer! Thank you so much for your diligence. I am touching and agreeing with everyone else who is praying for God to move in their marriage! Be blessed!

  5. Please Lord JESUS,heal,bless and restore our marriage.That together Lisa and I
    grow strong as Christians and please Lord JESUS bless us with a financial
    miracle.Thank You Lord JESUS,in Your mighty name I pray,Amen!

  6. My marriage is on the edge, we are separated with three kids, I’m asking for any and all prayers toward a restored marriage through Christ. I believe this to be the last time we will ever be apart like this. I know God is listening to me and many others. She needs to hear him speak to her, she is already wanting to file when she gets enough money, I’m asking God intervenes and keeps us from the court system and restores my family

    1. NES8bitcollector I’m praying for you! JESUS wants peace and unity for you! GOD bless you for sharing! Don’t you give up cuz our great GOD never does and HE wants to see you restored!

    2. ABBA Father in the name of Jesus Christ we lift the heart of our brother to you, may it be known this day and always that Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done! My brother wait on the Lord! He is restoring my marriage and family! Be encouraged He will restore yours too trust Him with all of your heart and draw closer to Him each day!

  7. me and my wife are in the process of a divorce i pray every day and night that god will restore are marriage i need all the prayers i can get

    1. Albert Hernandez praying for you! speak life into your marraige God wants us to grow closer to him. seek God and ask his will be done! claim your marraige restored in the name of jesus!

    2. I pray that you and your wife work things out and that whatever stronghold is over your relationship is released in Jesus name, I pray that love and concern is brought back into the relationship and that what God put together let no man or anything separate.

  8. I have said tons of hurtful words to my husband, and each single time I never admit that I was in the wrong and he is always the one whom wants back the marriage. And when he struggles with his career instability, I wasn’t there for him. And right now his heart is hardened for me, and he feels that he doesn’t need me anymore in his life, and he says the damage is done beyond repair. It hit me so hard this time when I finally realize what I have done all these while, and I truly regretted my actions. I pray for God to restore my marriage, and bring my husband back to me. We will work things out and I promise I will fulfill my vow and duty as a wife. Please pray for me.

    1. I feel the same. But our God of another chance can do exceedingly, abundantly, above what we can think of or even imagine. A broken heart and a contrite spirit he will not despise.

    2. missyc b I am shocked. I did not read your comment back coincidence. With God, nothing is coincidence. I did the same thing. I took my husband for granted. He filed for divorce about two months ago. Our hearing is May 19. He told me that the damage is done. He struggled with his career as well. And now he moved out of state. we did talk recently and he said he loves me. I am praying daily for got to speak to his heart. For him to come home. For God to restore our marriage. Don’t give up! I’ll be praying for you! Don’t lose faith. God is for us!

  9. to everyone here. we can not give up on our marriage. we have to put the full armor of love in us and believe that our Heavenly Father will restore everyones marriage. keep praying and believe.

  10. I touch and agree with this powerful prayer and to all those who are requesting prayer…Don’t give up on God! He is a restorer. He did it for me and if you trust Him and give your marriage completely to Him, God will do the same for you! He’ll restore it! I pray for marriages, husbands and wives everyday! And I pray that the hearts and minds of people are changed when it comes to marriage, God business. It is the most sacred covenant and we must honor it as such!

  11. Marriages are made in Heaven. If you trust in Jesus then no enemy can come in or separate the couple United by God. Stay with Jesus pray forgive extend kind and loving words show your spouse how much you care and love.
    Victory follows.

    1. I am praying for you and your marriage right now. Wisdom, restoration, peace, and love. God bless you abundantly ZG.

  12. hello my name is chris let me start by saying iam not perfect ive made my mistakes and still do but i try not to anyway ive been with my wife 17 yrs this nov ive been out of work for a few yrs now i cant fined a job where we live and van is broke down and i have no money to fix it or buy another car to get around in do to this she has to take most of the stress on her financially. we have both let other things and people like family and friends and stuff we like to do come in between us we have her mom and her moms boyfriend liveing with us for the past 6yrs and my 22 yr old step son still lives with us as well we fight over this i tell her they need to move its hurting our marriage she dont agree and puts them ahead of me on everything on the other hand she was crying out for my attion and i didnt here her but now i do anyway to keep a long storie short she has filed for divorce on sep 5 and says i have to be out in 30 days i dont think she really wants to go threw with it she will cuddle with me if i initiate it i can feel my love for her and hers for me when iam holding her but she wont kiss me or say she loves me loves me back and we havent had sex in about a month iam trying to do better for her and our marriage and our 15 yr old son this is all killing me in everyway it can please pray my wife stops the divorce dont kick me out softens her heart back to me her husband trust me again and believes in me again and that she turns to God and his son christ ill keep this short but thanks for the prayer

    1. I am going through a similar thing. Get a job! I don’t care if it’s temp labor. I know exactly how you feel but do everything you can to get a job! I pray for you. My wife filed for divorce and is taking steps to follow through. I can’t stress it enough you need to work! God bless you brother if you need someone to talk to let me know.

    2. Chris, I pray that the Lord moves on your behalf.  Lord, please intervene for Chris.  Please, Lord.  I ask that you bless him and his marriage.  Lord, soften his wife’s heart and bring them closer than ever.  Lord we know that you love and support marriages.  Please, please, please restore theirs.  I know the pain of wanting your marriage to work out.  Please save their marriage, Jesus.

    3. My husband has left us for another woman. I feel your pain. Let’s all pray for all marriages to be saved in Jesus’s name xx

  13. Amen. Thank you for sharing this prayer needed to hear these encouraging words.Confess to say I am really struggling in my marriage.

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