Prayer Over Your Marriage – Pray this Prayer & Scripture For Marriage Restoration

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Are you considering divorce or Do you know someone getting divorced? If so, WATCH THIS video first. If you have even a shred of desire to save your marriage then please pray the prayer in the video over your marriage… or share it with the person thinking about getting divorced. It can and will change the course of your life and decision to break apart what God created. (hence, YOUR MARRIAGE!)

I am hoping that you will try it with God managing your marriage and not your own FLESHLY will and desires. It should be clear by now that you cannot have a successful marriage without God being in the center of your marriage. Quite frankly, its impossible. You have to have his help and YOU MUST HAVE GOD IN THE MIDDLE OF IT if you want to keep the enemy out of it. The enemy is an expert at manipulating your mind and can easily have both of you believing you have both been wronged and both of you would pass a lie detector with flying colors. Meaning, IF you both were to take a lie detector test it would reveal that you both believe you are absolutely telling the truth in that you both absolutely believe you are in the right and being miss-treated by the other party. Does that not sound familiar??? 🙂 Of course it does! That is what marriage without God in the middle of it is like. "Woe is me" is what me and my wife both used to think. Now 26 years later we pray together every single night before bed and do the Jesus is Calling devotional in the morning. God works! Period end of story! Praise Jesus!

Scroll down to the section where it says Marriage Prayers and use these two prayers and many others on the prayer page to remove the enemy from your life and marriage:

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In closing, Please know that I Love You, I am praying for you and I ask that you also pray for me as well!

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47 thoughts on “Prayer Over Your Marriage – Pray this Prayer & Scripture For Marriage Restoration

    1. I sent you two prayers via email with some guidance. Pray, FAST and above all SEEK HIM!! God hates divorce….through the enemy out of your marriage brother….God can do anything and Jesus suffered 2,000 years ago so this marriage would be restored! Praise the mighty name of Jesus! PN

  1. please pray for my friend angela subramaníam and her husband Sam Jacob heart be to his wife Angela may they be join together in Jesus Christ name Amen thank you

  2. My wife divorced me after 20yrs but it was because of her borderline personality disorder, I pray for restoration of our marriage but should I also include a prayer for healing of her mental disorder.

    1. You need to be praying the prayer against Jezebel. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but your fighting a spiritual battle here as described in Ephesians Chapter 6. This has little to nothing to do with a medical condition. Mental Illness is something made up by Psychologist and Psychiatrist to generate income, sell medications, books, etc… It has nothing to do with your wife…. other than the evil spirits cause her to have the various symptoms of the various labels they create.  In fact, Bi-Polar is one of my favorite labels they created. What they describe with bi-polar is identical to all the folks who call me with demonic behaviors. They go from depression to being manic…what else can do that but a demon? If it sounds better call it spirits, but its still the same result. And by the way, With the exception of a few counselors I have never seen any that understand anything relating to spiritual warfare.  Jesus is the ONLY WAY through this mess and back to restoration.  I know from hard experience.

      So pray the 2 marriage prayers and any of the deliverance prayers you see on the prayer tab on the website. Here is the link:

      I hope I wasn’t too hard on you, but I want you to know the truth about what your up against. And just to be clear, what I am telling you is that your wife’s thoughts and desires are mostly controlled by the demonic. This is what I am telling you. God bless and Love in Christ, Pastor Nate

    2. Deliverance Revolution Thanks for your quick response. Is it a possession or oppression? I wrote down your prayers and started praying last night . Can I drive this demon out from afar without being in her presence? I’ve grown close to the father in the last couple of months. I’ve been fasting, worshipping and praying.You spoke about spiritual leader and thats the message I received from the father couple weeks ago. I believe God is grooming me during this time to be that person I should’ve been long ago. What u said about the attacks is happening to me ever since she left . A demon has been coming after me .First it appeared has my wife, just as i fell asleep, i would awake and she is in my bed it’s so real. She hugs me and i say this is a dream and she says no it’s not. I believe it’s real, then she hugs me or kisses me.I wake up realizing it was a dream. This happened every night as I fell asleep for a month straight. It would depress me for the whole day.After that month, I would see a black shadow instead. It would lay on top of me and I could hear this slithering reptilian sound in my ear . It gave off this weird but good feeling, along with a gross feeling I can’t describe . At night when I lay in bed I can feel it’s presence. I can feel it on the bed when I fall asleep it comes in my dreams and chases me. Sometimes it will trick me to having sexual interactions with it but it only by the touch of part of its shadow it’s not like normal way of having sex . When I wake up its on top of me. I tried fighting with it physically and I Even recorded it on video. I would grab it’s hand that feels like a hand without form, then it forms fingers and it pins my hand to the mattress. I know it shows up when I’m depressed ,but I’ve been fasting and praying. It went from everyday to a few times a week and now it’s been a week without a visit. Sorry I forgot it would attach something to my head at times like it was sucking something out of my head and it’s tried to enter through my mouth, but was unable to I fought it off but I have the taste of it in my mouth that is disgusting. Do u have any idea what that is? I have my thoughts but not sure . I believe it’s gone now. I’m just worried about my ex wife. Sorry so long but I appreciate ur channel and I subscribed and will donate soon . Thank you God bless you.

    3. Go the prayer page and download and print out the prayer to divorce you from a spirit wife. You definitely got one and do everything in your power to quit having sex with her. Also, come against the spirit of Python…the thing wrapped around your head. I would ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into a lot of the prayers on the prayer page of my website. Get serious about breaking off these curses your under and closing the open doors in your life. BTW….do the salvation prayer, I don’t think you ever mentioned Jesus in your messages. Remember, he needs to be firmly planted in the center of your life as the only answer. Frankly, there is no other power but Jesus! Start using his name like a weapon…that is why he died for you. PRAISE HIS MIGHTY NAME!! Go get’em brother in Christ!  Love in Christ, PN

  3. Plz my brother pray for my marriage mo will pray his prayer everyday in tire of praying he is gone almost 7 months there is this women whonisnfreamd and she is no good. I am loosing faith he is not talking to me I am so shameful help me and pray for me I want God to safe my marriage God bless you and anyone who can pray for me plz. I am just waiting and tire

    1. Sister…keep praying the marriage prayer and instead of hating the woman he is with start praying for her instead!!  Pray blessings over her life and pray that you learn to love her as Jesus loves you. I want you to start integrating worship music into your praise sessions and giving Father thanks for your situation! Go ahead and thank him in advance that restoration is on the way and thank him for all his blessings and thank him that he doing a work in your husband and your marriage. Throw in a good 7 Daniel fast of vegetables/salads and water everyday along with your prayer and worship time for boot!!!. It’s time to get serious sister….lets leave the complaining, which the Bible calls murmuring, at the door and praise Father God for his greatness and what he is doing in your life. And this is for starters!! PRAISE THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!! Love in Christ, Pastor Nate

  4. I will my Brither. My god bless you so much. I will pray for her. I feel hate for her and she makes me sick I know my husband don’t love her but she plays like Freand and she is hopping he go whit her and she is using money to steel my husband and she was he’s Freand before marrige and wen I meet her I was nice to her and welcome her in our home so I do hate her she lie to me and went behind me and took my husband. 6 months of crying and sad. But I pray for her peace love and good life in Jesus name amen

    1. I am proud of you my sister. Keep turning it over to Jesus numerous times a day and say, “I can’t restore this marriage but you can”.  I love you and I am praying for you, PN 🙂

  5. I am at work and I start to pray for her and I cried I felt her love and I wanted her for goodness I prayed she loves me and be my Freand and God bless her whit live happy and joy and I meant it and the I thank God for my husband. You gave me today real gift of love and not fear. She can’t take anything that God gave me so I need to send love in Jesus I pray more love in my heart and forgiveness for her and for my husband. Plz don’t stop to pray fore smy husband Kyle. God bless you did you’re wife in Jesus name. Love you more.

  6. Please pray for my marriage / wife.  She is on the path towards filing divorce; has already met with a lawyer. Barring a miracle from God, she will not stop & will destroy our family.

    1. Michael,

      God does not need your wife’s cooperation to restore your marriage, but it will make 100% difference if you begin praying the marriage prayers about 8 or 9 sections down on this web page:
      Pray the Jezebel prayer over your wife and then pray for each part of her everyday. You can do one part a day if the prayer gets too long. Do both the renunciations and the Jezebel prayer. Do this on your knees without fail and basically leave her alone and let God work. That is what he told me when he repaired my marriage. When I would stick my nose into my marriage and try and fix things he would say to me, “Son, are you handling your marriage or am I?”  I would say yes sir and promptly go back to my office where I was living at the time. I will pray for your marriage, but there is no more powerful prayer over your marriage and wife than yours. You are her spiritual authority and covering whether she likes it or not, but don’t go tell her that. Let Father do that.

      BTW….are you either one of you saved? Do you have an intimate relationship with the Lord? If not, I would get one very very quickly and learn her to worship and praise him! Try singing to him, Father loves that! 🙂  gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

      Praise Jesus brother….go ahead and start thanking him that your marriage is restored.

      Love in Christ,


    2. CORRECTION >>>learn her to worship and praise him<<<< This should have read, "learn HOW to worship and praise him"

    3. sounds like your giving up? Remember, it’s the relationship with God through Jesus Christ and NOT whatever it is your requesting of him. In other words your relationship with him that contains the power of your life.  If you want your marriage then forget about what your wife’s doing and focus on your worship, praise and obedience. In fact, I will go a step further here….YOUR WIFE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! Keep praying the marriage prayer, keep worshiping, keep being obedient!! Love in Christ, Pastor Nate

  7. Thanks for the prayer and the preaching I have been standing in prayer for my Marriage for over 4 years my husband walk out and divorce me already no communication for 4 years until a couple months ago I called him for our birthday and he was nice we talk for 2 hours. Since then texting and few calls he keeps blaming me for everything I zip my lips and pray for him he wanted to see me I fly to his state we meet for 1 day we had a good time he was happy said he misses me and loves me and again now he is avoiding me barely reply messages I stopped contacting him and just keep in prayer. He is link with Womens online and pornography and bad single friends no one is Christian around him. I pray for his conversion .

    1. Amen sister! Keep turning your spouse over to the Lord and do NOT try and fix things on your own. You cannot do it….rely 100% on the power of the Lord through the work of Jesus on the cross. It’s the only way! Love in Christ, PN

  8. Please pray and advise. Been praying for my marriage for a year now. My husband left as decided after a big row that he doesn’t love me. I’m a Christian.. my husband doesn’t want this God stuff… he is Jewish but seems happier to be away from family reality… 4 kids etc…he visits twice a week and I pray all the time to guard my tongue and he gracious but it’s so hard when I’m hurting so bad. Have been married half my life…

    1. You cannot make your husband be married to you. As Brother Carlos often says, “some people just love their demons”.  It maybe he wants adultery and sin more than he wants his marriage. If he isn’t saved then he just living by his flesh anyway….he has no morale compass with the exception of what feels good to him.
      I don’t often give advice other than to say, “God hates divorce”, but You have legal grounds, according to the word of God, to divorce your husband.
      If you want your marriage restored keep praying the marriage prayer and turn your husband over to God, but if not ask God to lead and order your steps from here. I hope this helps….I don’t feel like this is my best advice or response, but you asked. Love in Christ and I will pray for you, Pastor Nate

    2. Wow.. honesty. But I sadly so wish I could hear the answers my heart feels it needs. I’ve so believed in God’s restoration and feel numb like God isn’t present but keep telling myself he must be. Thanks for reply.

    3. If you desire restoration then I would get on my knees and pray the marriage restoration prayer once or twice a day. Additionally, completely turn your husband over to the Lord as you cannot fix him anyway. It’s your call, but be sure you want restoration with your husband and that your willing to let go of all the anger towards him. It is easier said than done. Last but not least, ask the Holy Spirit to show you all the things that need to be removed in your life so you can be the wife and mother that God wants you to be. I hope this is helpful…Love in Christ, Pastor Nate

    1. 2x……Sure. You can pray it as much as you want. The more you pray, listen to worship music, praise God and thank him for the circumstances the more power your going to receive and feel. Naturally, you need to shut down all the sin in your life and change what your doing, but that goes without saying. I am sure you know this, but sin is the number 1 thing that causes people not to feel or know God and yet they act so confused as to why that is. Remember, he is a holy and just God.  Anyway, I did not mean to go on a tangent. I pray for your marriage…Love in Christ, Pastor Nate

  9. Amen.I soak My Marriage with the Blood of our savior JESUS CHRIST.Heavenly Father You who joined My Husband&I together&made us one, Heal, restore, be the center of Our Marriage. Rule&Take Your place.Silence all those who come against our marriage. Arise&let your Light Shine over My Marriage Heavenly Father. I Seal My Marriage with the Precious BLOOD OF JESUS.BLOOD OF JESUS SPEAK FOR ME.Victory is My portion In JESUS Mighty Name.Amen.

  10. please pray for my marriage. I love my wife. It’s so hard to endure the pain of this separation. we both love Jesus and I know he isn’t done with this!

  11. Asking for prayer to restore my marriage, as we are separated and he absolutely can’t stand me. I know that God can do the impossible.

    1. Scroll down to the marriage prayers on this link and start in praying them and in particular if he can’t stand you, you may want to use the Jezebel prayer on yourself and praying blessings on the other woman if he is with another woman.  God bless sister and keep the faith. With God all things are possible! Love in Christ, Pastor Nate
      Prayer Page >

  12. We declare and decree that your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven for marriage as you ordained to be from beginning of time….Thank you Lord that your plan and purpose for marriage couple will stand firm in Jesus mighty name, amen,amen,amen.

  13. How many times a day do we have 2 pleade blood of crist over ourselves to not get scratched??? ? How many times do u do it? So i can know and do double . Im anti getting scratched by demons . I adding you to my prayer list bcos u getting scratched. :[

  14. I understand this because the house my husband and I bought Aug 2013 and everything you speak of in this video happened to me and my husband and kids. and now because of this house and my husband’s mother and ex-wife did all they can to break us up,my husband has been gone from OUR marriage since 1-3-16 Please please say a prayer for us to reconcile and restore our marriage and remove the people that has caused this separation and pray the enemy be destroyed and loosen its grip off my husband and our marriage. restore our family and I’ve been fasting and praying like you wouldn’t believe. I’m having dreams of reconciliation with my husband but his mother and ex wife are always have their stronghold on him and they won’t let go. help me please,thank you
    god bless y’all

    1. Susan….The name is Jesus is stronger than his ex-wife and Mother! Praise Jesus! Keep going sister and especially if your receiving God given dreams about marriage restoration. Ask Father what he was trying to show you through all this and then once he returns be sure you are ready for true forgiveness. There in lies the true test sister! If you would like to contact me go to:
      Here is another link you may appreciate having. Obedience goes a long way towards getting prayers answered:

      Love in Christ,

      Pastor Nate

  15. Please pray for my wife and I. She has left our marriage after 29 years. She moved away. And says she’s filing for divorce. She’s acting so different not like yourself. I love and miss her so much. I’ve been fasting and praying non stop and it feels like I’m not heard. Ugh. Please pray for me also to give it to God and trust He’s in control. And for strength. I’ve really been struggling. Thank you and God Bless!

    1. Gary….didn’t we speak and pray over the phone? How’s it going? I thought we were going to turn her over to Satan in hopes of saving her? 
      1 Corinthians 5:5New American Standard Bible (NASB)
      5 I have decided to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord [a]Jesus.

    2. No we didn’t. But she did file for divorce last Tuesday. Ugh. I’m handing it over to God. I will continue in prayer and do my best to trust God has this. Thank you for your prayers!! God Bless

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