Prayer to Restore my Marriage Relationship (for family restoration) ✅

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Powerful Prayer to Restore my Marriage Relationship (to get my family back). My Lord Jesus, I come before you today with a heavy heart; my marriage is in grave trouble, and I need Your help and closeness. Please make changes in my spouse’s heart. Make us compatible again, and bring us closer together as we were before. Fill us with Your love and give us the strength to love one another, care for one another, and fulfill your life long wishes for us. Show us the harm caused by careless, uncalled for words, and the pain caused by emotional distance. Heal the division between the two of us. Please make us one again. My marriage is falling apart and I feel helpless and hopeless, and I don’t know what to do. Lord I feel powerless and just ask You to please restore my marriage. Bring us back into a loving relationship with each other and with You. Lord I confess that I have fallen so far short of how I should have behaved, but I ask Lord that in Your grace You would restore again the joy we had at the beginning, and help us both to move forward in our marriage, and help us to live in a way that is pleasing to You. Heal the wounds we have both received from each other, and revive and restore us so that we may move forward in our lives and life together. My Lord You have promised to heal the broken-hearted, and I pray that in a wonderful way You would restore my marriage in Jesus name.
Father God, please make possible that my marriage relationship can be reconciled through you. I pray that through the power of your Holy Spirit my spouse heart can be softened, and he can forgive me for causing him pain. I never meant to be a pain, and I am working on myself to change that so I never do that again. I pray that my spouse remembers how much he loves me, and how much my spouse wants to still spend the rest of his life with me and raise a family. I feel you brought me to this person when I prayed to meet the spouse of my dreams. I was so lonely and hurt and you brought this wonderful person into my life. Now I pray for a miracle that his heart can be changed, so we can reconcile my marriage. I truly do want my spouse forever my Lord Jesus, I pray for your miracle because I know that all things are possible through you. Please forgive me for my sins and help me to start again.
Heavenly Father, My heart cries out to You, my Maker of Heaven and of Earth! Please bring healing to our broken hearts, bring restoration to our relationship, ignite lost passion, and inspire forgotten intimacy. Please transform the two of us from the inside out, and lead us in Your way. My Lord God Jesus, I feel so sad that this relationship has failed. Help me to have the courage to love again. I trust that as I walk with you, forgiveness will flow in my life. Your grace is like a river. May that river flow between us and cause restoration in our marriage. Dear Lord, I know that I promised that I would always love, honor, cherish and respect when I married. Sometimes it is hard to keep these promises. Please reignite our love where it has faded. Please help us to communicate our needs and understand one another. Please help us to remember good times and to cherish new times together. Please help us to forgive, and also to respect and enjoy our differences. You are part of our vision, you know us both deeply, only you understand the problems we face. So we trust in you to restore our love in Jesus name. We choose to live in your promises, to take each day and transform it into a beautiful picture, an intimate friendship, and a testament to your love through us.

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43 thoughts on “Prayer to Restore my Marriage Relationship (for family restoration) ✅

  1. Bless the Ministry for this prayer the Lord has been working in my heart toward forgiveness of my husband and likewise in ways that he may think I have failed him. this is the first prayer I have been able to say because I was looking for a way out…I no now it was a familiar spirit haunting me to move on even after 23 years of marriage. Bless you, again as I am looking forward to the Lord healing my marriage. The Devil is a liar!

    1. Your reply so blessed my heart! The Ministry will be hearing from me on HolyBook.Like, I am a student in Bible College and have Practicum hours to do and would like to volunteer my service, I’m looking at around 400 overall hours…I pray I may be of some help and if not I’m sure I will love the site!!!! MANY BLESSING!!!

    2. Your reply so blessed my heart! I see I have this one regarding demonic monitoring spirits in my arsenal. Thank you and you will be seeing me on HolyBook.Life, in hopes I may volunteer my services I am a bible student and need to service 100 practicum hours. Many Blessing to you and the ministry!

  2. Thank you for this prayer.. I felt 100% in agreement with the content of this prayer. Almost seems like what I am feeling poured out into the screen. Please for me and my wife(Hans and Happy). We have been married for 11 years now. I have disappointed her numerous times in the past. She is determined to leave me and I am just praying that God give me chance to redo my life to His image. I appreciate all your support and prayers. Thanks.

    1. Please pray for me and my wife Ann not to go through with divorcing me. I do not want a divorce. May God restore us for His glory and mercy and grace on our marriage and family. Beauty from ashes.

    2. Blessings Marcus, we will add your request to our prayer list request. Please keep praying every day with a strong faith, and remember to do God will instead of yours all the time. God bless you

    1. The first steps to break evil forces legal rights to destroy, in this case your marriage. We accomplish the task by doing 2 things, the first one is to confess all sins and repent, we do have a powerful prayer for this purpose here By the way remember to take your time, talk to our Lord God Jesus and confess to him all your life sins and repent of all of them (this step takes time, remember all of them, including small sins as well, this is very important). The dark side uses our unrepentant sins as a “legal right” for them to destroy our lives. Our Lord God Jesus takes away and cancel those rights when sins are confessed to him and repented, after that Jesus uses his divine and powerful holy blood to cleanse us completely, and every evil spot is removed (that’s why this step is key and very important). This is a great Bible knowledge article from which I learnt a lot, here it is this article is because the second step, which consist of removing any object that evil is using as legal right to invade your life and home (usually objects related with human religions and sects, objects used is divination, tarot cards, Ouija boards, incantation, objects used in ceremonials and rituals, objects that have been cursed, and so on). I am pretty sure you will learn from it as well as I did. Once you are done with that then proceed to close all open doors that evil have been using to invade your life, home and family, with this powerful prayer, here Once you are done with that, we will provide you with the next advice to follow. God bless you sister Gail

  3. God restore ou,r marraige relationship !!! Please forgive my sins and help me to start again !!!Thank you lord jesus Amen !!!

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