7 thoughts on “Save Marriage – How To Survive A Midlife Crisis

  1. Could also be a case of him holding back, or not communicating his feelings for a long time, assuming that she must know that I’m not happy and finally hit the limit. I had this happen to me this past summer, I had just given notice for my office position and had accepted a position to be working away from home, when my wife asked if I was happy. I said that over all I was, but she responded with “well, I’m not.” We’re working through it, but it isn’t easy.

  2. It certainly is difficult at times to fix a marriage but it is both partners responsibilities to try. Remind her and yourself that you are doing the right thing. Learning and growing together is better than doing it alone and after it is too late. I hope it works out so you two can have a long loving life together.

  3. just want to let you know that it is never to late to avoid divorce and save your marriage! i have had my share of lonely times recently but im so happy i worked things out my partner now. this site helped me turn things around… bitly.com16tJHQC

  4. Husband moved out and is living with his gf he’s been having an affair off and on with since our youngest child was born 3.5 yrs ago.  Says she’s his best friend now but also says things aren’t right; the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence; says that this has always been home and that I have always been his rock.  He’s angry and he doesn’t communicate and I didnt even know there was a problem until I found out about the affair – which he of course told me that he would stop.  “They were friends first” he said.  Do I move on or is it a cry for help or attention or a midlife crisis?

  5. Oh I definitely going through this. I did this with my job then stupidly never took the new one. I moved to the same job another location and grass isn’t greener on the other side. Not sure if I needed a new career. Feel like I have not been grateful for what I had and have self sabotaged, not sure why.

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