6 thoughts on “Save Marriage – Is Menopause Ending Your Marriage?

  1. So what you are telling me is ,its the husbands fault.Thanks for the
    advice, but my wife could have told me that.

  2. I’m sorry you feel that is the message that is coming across in this video.
    Try watching a few others, StrongMarriageNow certainly does not
    discriminate and I hope you can gain some useful information from these

  3. i want to let you know that its never too late to avoid divorce and save
    your marriage! i have also gone through difficult times recently but im so
    happy with my spouse now. this site saved me… bitly.com16tL5m3

  4. Lawless society. You don’t want to go through divorce??? Easy; just marry a
    woman that loves God more than she does you. If you marry someone that
    careless about the true and only God, then you can kiss your marriage

  5. Hi my name is willie and im looking at your site. And my question is this.
    What the man who dont complain about anything and when i do its a problem
    like if i didnt say or do some of these things a long time ago why am i
    saying it now. And another thing is this why is it always about the women
    being the one hurt or it’s always the man doing somthing wrong. Because im
    a very good man and father and it’s like im always wrong and I’m not asking
    to much. Mind you she cheated on me and stuff like that in our marriage and
    i tryd to keep it together but she still like oh well i didnt type of mind
    farm what should good men like us do? 

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