19 thoughts on “Save My Marriage

  1. That is so frieken awesome, congratulations, you are an inspiration to all of us! =D i would like to have the chance to marry my soul mate one day too.

  2. To me, not to be rude, but that was more like a spectacle than a marriage ceremony. Am I right to say that Prop 8 is not about obtaining special rights (read CA Family Code 297.5(a)), but more about obtaining the “dignity and respect” that married couples get by just being associated with the word “marriage”? Is that even the slightest bit part of it?

    Yes on Prop 8.

  3. Dear Only1Church,
    We have something in common. I use the word “pooper” too!

    I re-watched the video and looked at my marriage and still cannot find the part where 2 men are getting married or putting their wangs anywhere.

    As for being the gayest thing ever. Thanks!


  4. Jewish women can wed gay women? Just wondering.

    Prop 8’s goal is to restore the definition of marriage, one man and one woman.

    So ya, why I say spectacle. All solemnity is out the window, the whole tone of it just sounded really odd to me. The rabbi or pastor’s voice could also be used to sell hotdogs and peanuts at a baseball game. I guess it was just the tone of her voice, and just my perceived atmosphere, it just didn’t seem serious. I could understand going crazy after the wedding though.

  5. Providing hate speech about a church, a group of people, or an entire state does help your cause. Stick to the issues of Prop. 8 and stay away from silly arguments -that’s for both sides of the story

  6. The bible also says that a man can have more then one wife. And a lot of other things that people don’t do any more. I’m believe in god and I believe god excepts everyone for who they are. I respect your comment,but i disagree with it.

  7. even thou i think this is a sin and a very bad one,i support your decision because to me love have no boundaries whatosoever and if you fell totally in love with her that is your bussiness and noone can tell you what to do or not,you are free as well as all americans are :),please be happy and love each other a lot in my name ok?,hehe,best wishes for you both,take care,bye!!!!

  8. Marriage doesn’t belong to the christian movement. Marriage can be found in most of the religions and among none religious people today. Muslims, hindu, atheists, and people from other religions have been getting married for centuries.
    It didn’t start in the judah christian church.

  9. It’s really sad that you have children. Do you think a gay couple would ever teach their children to discriminate like that? “do it for the children” ? Yeah, more like vote NO for the children. Jeez.

  10. Calling that individual black is a simple statement, it isn’t degrading. it is the same as him (or her) calling me “white”. If I had chosen another choice word then yes, that’s racism.
    Hopefully sometime soon President Obama will stick to his word and have marriage legalized for all.

  11. @carribbeandreams2004, oh yeah, your petition is going to change the world. Right. I’m really scared.

  12. @jonceballos – scientists are open to new facts and evidence for anything (duh, that’s their job), but the theory of evolution itself is fact, even if not every single piece of the “how” puzzle is known. True scientists are interested in molding their “beliefs” to new evidence, not molding new evidence to their beliefs. If any of these “many scientists” who oppose evolution do so BECAUSE they are religious, then they are not following the scientific method.

  13. @carribbeandreams2004 our marriage and the other 17,999 that happened legally in CA are still legal.
    What has substantially changed in your life due to prop 8 passing?

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