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  1. continued…Mom insist its not because she is jealous.and she is being protective of her because her prior anxiety issues and loss of father etc..I have always been kind and know how to participate and be responsible in a relation.Mom had mentioned at the start ,that I need to be there for them(and her daughter, like a father to her). we had a couple heated arguments and daughter cried”. Mom has turned on me and I dont know what to do/expect. I gave the house/garage keys back to her last night.

  2. and have not talked since”.. Very heart broken”, and that she would just shut me out like that…. Just great that this had to surface now after 2 +yrs. Salvageable?..I talked to her the last couple days back, but she says its not going to work. And am sure its also because she still has anger from our argument. her daughter thinks I am mean because I have to defend myself with mom when past arguments about her irresponsible money issues etc..I guess thats being mean”..”HELP””please!

  3. Your relationship with your girlfriend is heavily influenced by your relationship with her daughter. It is important to try get to the bottom of the issue between her daughter and you. Perhaps the daughter feels threatened or ignored? Try to be compassionate and patient with her since she is going to have a hard time with her mother finding someone else. Let your girlfriend know that you are not ready to give up but if time to cool off is what she needs right now, give her time.

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  6. First time to see a video by Dr. Fillmore…….I have never heard this information before, especially the first part about falling in and out of love and monogamy. This is very interesting and would explain why a lot of people end divorced or married and not happy and fulfilled. I personally never thought that monogamy was very natural, but it seems right also. We all want to stray a little from time to time, don’t we?

  7. One thing I know for sure is that the longer I am away from my wife, the more I desire her………….just like when you haven’t had your favorite food for a long while……you really start to desire it…………….but no one person can possibly give their spouse everything they desire or meet all of needs, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually………that’s why we have other people in our lives to help with that and fill in the gaps.

  8. *People who believe in doing whatever it takes to sustain the biggest love of their life, Save My Marriage Today is what they are looking for. This course is gender-neutral as it does not speak from a male-centric or a female-centric perspective, considered to be one of its best features.*

  9. me and my husband is headed for a separation,. we signed papers saying that I will leave the house within 60 days,. we’ve been married for 8 years. have 3 kids (2 mine prior, 1 together) he said he just don’t love me anymore and don’t wanna work with me or even try., we went to counseling 1 time and he didn’t like her so I stop asking him. we are in the friend zone but he still finds me attractive! I’m so confused if it’s just midlife crisis or what,. he’s 36 and I’m 38. never had any 3rd party as far as I know. I need help as to what I need to do to stop the divorce while we’re still at the same house although we don’t sleep in the same room anymore! PLEASE HELP., I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME

  10. Reading through saving marriage guide “bomto comely date” (Google it) changed me and I`ve also done my part in giving him a couple of news letters. He has also enhanced. Thank you so much for its advice and help! Wonderful developments has happened in our relationship and the good news is we will be married later on! Right after reading your articles we are now in love again.

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