23 thoughts on “Save Your Marriage from the Trap of Social Media – Appeal for Purity

  1. i am single, but geta lewedefit tidar hiwetea yemihone melkam neger eyastemaregn nw !! e/r yezi zemen mels argoshal !!! endate metadel nw ! i zone mesiii we are behind u! we love u

  2. i really like what u said n it does make sense but what i don’t agree(like) and notice from what u said is the word u often use “malleti aydelem”. if u believe its right tell ppl its right and if u feel its wrong tell them its wrong. i suppose “BUT” shouldn’t exist in marriage !!!!

    1. +Samu fit

      “malleti aydelem”; means,
      at least for me, “don’t take my statement to mean something else than what I’m
      actually stating it here.” For example, when I say, “I don’t think it is a good
      thing for a married person to chat with an opposite gender after late” I’m not
      saying, “It is not good to chat online; and a married person shouldn’t chat
      with another person.” In all my writings and video messages, I strive not to
      make dogmatic statements in the area of life where there are many possible scenarios
      which make my statement wrong or too generalized. And whenever I state my
      opinion, I want my listeners to know that – that is only my opinion, not the
      Word of God. BTW, I’m not sure about your last statement; “I supposed
      “BUT” shouldn’t exist in marriage” What does that mean?

    2. +Appeal for Purity first i really wanna thank you for the video you made. its really helpful for all of us. I understand that you don’t wanna be dogmatic on the statement or advice you give. But as you said, if my wife doesn’t know what I’m do on FB and if she don’t know my password, this means am chatting to cheat on her. For instance. my girlfriend knows who i talk with and she almost know all the girls i talk with to. even if she doesn’t know my password but she know who am speaking with. 
      Other than this, what i meant by “I supposed
      “BUT” shouldn’t exist in marriage” is that on marriage or relationship ppl usually use “BUT ” as an excuse. even if they know the truth they say ” but i was not about to do that” or they say it was not my intention. And as we all know chatting is the one way to cheating.

  3. There are many things “between the lines” when I saw the video, just the good things that experts such as Treitan Mellory always talk about that actually work if you DON’T want to lose your ex, search for him on google and you’ll see what I mean.

  4. i like how u made the blue feather bigger than the pink one on ur logo..it just shows wendoch yebetu eras nachew

    1. i think its a hand…anyways I just love how You are talking about these things in this generation egxiabher bewnet barkoshal…abztooo yibarkish ahunim…familyishim yeregetachutin beyesusim yawrsachu love u guys betamm

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