Save Your Marriage | HOW TO STOP DIVORCE

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See how I organize our family after saving it:


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20 thoughts on “Save Your Marriage | HOW TO STOP DIVORCE

  1. Wow my dear you have been through so are not alone, there are so many people going through this..God is great..Like 4

  2. Good job sweetie, divorce should not be an option! It takes hard work and strength to save a marriage! You are amazing because the woman is the marriage , you are the one kept your family together! God bless you! 💞😘😘🌹

  3. Thank you for sharing! Marriage, pregnancy, life is difficult and balance is even more difficult . I’m happy that you all made it work.

  4. Heidi I was just telling my mom the same thing, I live in Massachusetts and it is SOOO expensive. I had a early pregnancy and God was in the mix. Stay faithful because god is faithful!

  5. Even though we knew the story–Wow! To hear it all in this context is amazing. Heavenly Father and his tender mercies are awesome. Even though it was so hard to see you leave California and being near us, we knew it was the best thing for your family. Giving all of you time to heal and just loving each of you. What a blessing it was to have your family living with us for 6 months and becoming closer. It is not easy to put your feelings and personal life out there, but because you have it will bless others lives in ways you will never know. We love you and the family so dearly and miss you a ton. Love, Mom

  6. Hugs and kisses!!! Thank you for sharing it is very uplifting and encouraging to others. God blessing to your family. X

  7. HEIDI. First of all, I loved this video, but even more, I loved the courage you had to make it and share your family’s story on the internet. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and it’s so important to reprioritize frequently so you can make sure your priority is on God first. Thank you for your vulnerability. ❤️

  8. Thank God for his grace and mercy and I’m glad that you guys were able to save your marriage. I am proud of you for your boldness and thanks for sharing

  9. OMG Heidi, I’m in tears listening to this wonderful testimony. You are so right about trusting God, prioritizing things, and letting the husband lead, instead of the wife always making all of the decisions. This testimony has truly blessed me. I started realizing how I need to make some changes within myself and my marriage. I also believe your son is gifted or something or he has a powerful anointing on him to say that about you being pregnant. He has great insite. Thank you for sharing such personal info about your marriage. I know it took guts to do that. God bless you and your family 😁🌸

  10. God has blessed you and yours. I have also experienced “the cliff” and, like you, God saved our family from falling. I agree with all your thoughts and you are extremely brave toshare this with so many others. May God continue to bless each of you.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it is such an inspiration and what I needed to hear.

  12. I cannot even find the words through my tears as I try and type this post! When I tell you, “you touched the core of my soul, Heidi!” Yes, we get lost sometimes but God is always on time, not our time, but on time AND HE is ALWAYS GOOD! I needed your message, more than I even knew. I was simply watching the playlist members’ vlogs from DIY Mommy’s challenge, and reached yours, and boom . . . . here you are with this message that I didn’t even realize I needed, at the moment. So, thank you, Sonboul family, and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  13. Thank you so, so much, I’ve been binge watching your videos and this one hits close to home for me! Really, I so needed to hear this today! God IS GOOD!🙏❤

  14. Thank you for your testimony. I to have received tender mercies from the Lord. He has given me so much guidance through the Holy Ghost. My family is so blessed to have the Gospel in our lives.

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