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11 thoughts on “Save Your Marriage On Your Own: Part One – Decoupling | ⓇHigh Thrive Coaching – Official

  1. How do I approach my spouse with asking him to spend time with me he works till 1 in morning so he doesn’t hv to communicate with me. He ignores me he tells me to shut up he said I’m emotionally draining. Him. He had an affair 8 months ago and I don’t trust him I told him I forgive him but I cnt let it go. He says I look try his phone. Ask who he is texting and calling. He has completely changed he is mean to me. Talks to everyone laughing and talks along time long text messages and won’t give me 2 min. 20 years I love my husband I don’t want to be hurt no more. I ask him what I can do he said leave him alone. I’m hurt

    1. Hello debra. Thank you for sharing. I understand what you’re going through, but we can help you with that. Here’s the guide we made for you that will help you to reconnect with your spouse. ( )
      Also, have you joined in our Facebook page yet? If not, you may join us at “The Thriving Marriage” group. Hope to see you there!

  2. Ya I hurt the love of my life pushed her away and took her for granted we separated (but not by are choices) I know I fucked up and I’m trying to be open with her and change thing I was dumb all I want is her and are family back she barely talks to me and win I tell her how I’m filling she don’t care and tell me that is just my insaceraty but if she fill something even if I did not mend it that way that how I ment it cuz she fills that she is treating me like I did her but worse is some ways we have been separated for less then 6month and she has told me she has sat up dates and made out with a girl 2x so far and I have no right to be hurt by this. I want my wife back and not this woman that seems to hate me and like that I’m hurting but 4 weeks ago she was telling me she wanted to work on us and win I started wanting the same she did a 360 what can or do I do or am I to late and fucked up the best thing in the world help

  3. So what if my wife has emotionally cheated, I have forgave her but dont fully trust her. We have struggled to communicate, as she wont open up. I have reached and tried to get her to open up with no luck. She still stone walls me, is very defensive, she doesnt care to spend time with me, is emotionally and physically distant. As of a few weeks ago, I came home, from being at a relative’s funeral out of state and she has moved out, with no word of why. She said she was going to reach out after a week, in a emotionaless text, she didnt. We did have contact because I went to visit her at her moms house. However She takes no responsibility for any of her actions, as I have accepted my portion of the blame pie and am working on myself. Oh she still doesn’t know what she wants to do as she hasn’t thought about it she says. She has taken off her ring and put her social media name back to her maiden name, childish but okay. Lol
    This is Definitely a complicated matter. I have been taking steps to reflect on myself and my actions to be a better person and husband. I’m keeping my emotions in check, not talking to her and respecting her space. It has been challenging to say the least. Lastly all the actions say shes done with our marriage. I just watched this whole video and it seems very helpful. Any words of wisdom. The last thing I want to do is be divorced.

    1. Wyatt give her space and time maybe she will realize what she’s lost but if she moves on as my husband did, you need to be strong and stay positive because time heals all pain. Godbless you. Wishing you happiness and good health. Your friend Audrey

  4. My wife has shared things like our personality conflict where she is very reserved and I am very loud and gregarious. She has felt bullied and that she has no voice in our marriage. That is the opposite of how I feel, and because she is not talking to me about this, I don’t know what I did to make her feel that way. So many of the choices we have made as a couple over 21 years have been things she wanted to do. From moves to other states to where we vacation, my perception is that we have always both had a say.
    She left last year and gave me a list of things I needed to work on. I went to counseling and we counseled 5 times together. We moved back in together in July 2019 but she never re engaged. She withdrew, isolated and would not talk to me even when I asked her to. On April 5th, she left and has said she is done and she is filing for divorce. Her perception of things surprises me and blindsides me as to what she thinks happened. At the time, she did not say anything, but now says things like I humiliated her when I was actually trying to do something for her and because of our history together last year. Financial decisions were a huge problem for her last year and this year making a purchase for a car, I called my dad to consult with her and she said that was humiliating to her. I still don’t get that one.
    So, how do I communicate with someone who twists the best of intentions into a disaster and a violence on her. Is this beyond hope?
    Many thanks for any response I can get clarity from.

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