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  1. @ProfessionalWeddings Sorry I copied and pasted incorrectly from an email,
    I’m actually looking for advise for my neighbor who has been a good friend
    for nearly 20 years and married for 15years…. I don’t know what to tell
    him. My wife gave his wife the videos of michelle here on YouTube. He said
    it didn’t even make an impact. He is a very hard working guy that loves his
    family and wife but I’ve seen he is not happy. His wife is well like by all
    as well, I just don’t get it? Any advise?

  2. Men Love a women who is aggressive and takes the lead!!!! and if you are a
    very good leader trust me he will follow!!!! no one wants quiet sex ok!!!!
    call his name,tell him how good he is, tell him you like it its good baby
    etc u get my point…every man want his wife in the kitchen and a freak in
    the bed room…many men cheat because soo many women are not open minded
    when it comes to sex with their husbands ,but remember what u wont do
    another women will

  3. why are you being so closed minded to how to please a man. your talking
    about faking orgasm, believe it or we know when your faking. its
    disrespectful and a slap to our face. not every man is the same and not
    everywoman is the same. you are very far off..

  4. men show love in different ways just like women. so communicate with your
    guy and stop wishing he would just get it. the stuff you want him to get
    are true of women who get, so a guy and a totally different mind sets and
    women are not smarter than men even though most would like to believe that.
    women constantly undermine mens ability and it does get on our nerves..

  5. she is being unfair and not cooperating to make you happy. if you make her
    happy and cooperate with her she should return the favor..

  6. It was too late for us. My wife died before we could make repairs. I loved
    her for more than anyone but she broke my heart in this regard.

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    1. Same things apply. It’s just far more common for the woman to be the
      low-libido partner, so that’s how she structured her talk.

  7. Alexa hang in there its not easy . For my self I am in hard thoughts of
    leaving my wife and having a chance to lie again. I beleive we all deserve
    this and maybe even good for her. No use living life like this. Blessings.

  8. Its sad, but any woman that doesnt take this to heart is going to reap what
    she sows. But by then it will be too late.

  9. OMG. You are a genius. You are an angel. Every woman who is getting married
    or going through a rough spot in her marriage needs to watch your video.

    Men need sex. If we are in a relationship without sex and without
    affection, we are going to become very unhappy. We will try to resolve the
    situation and if we are unable to resolve the situation we will end up
    either getting a divorce, opening the relationship up or in some cases men
    will cheat.

    We have our needs. Just like women have deep needs, sex is a deep need for

    1. +Ruth Houston Good point. I think the problem is that older men have a much
      stronger sex drive (on average) than older women.

  10. Please keep doing what you’re doing and saying what you’re saying. It
    might be too late for some of us, but maybe you’ll get through to some of
    these women soon enough to save marriages and families.

  11. The source of the problem is conditioning. Women are told that being sexy
    is naughty, and many women of faith equate that to sin before and during
    the marriage. People in general think they have to be aroused to have sex,
    but that is a very major excuse.

    This goes for both men and women. If your intent for marriage is not to
    establish, maintain and strengthen your bond with your spouse regularly,
    don’t ever get married. I recently got divorced and this was a major issue
    that she was causing due to her willful deprivation, and she was supposedly
    a woman of faith. I probably may never get married again due to a
    combination of having the stigma of divorce and I don’t trust any woman to
    understand what marriage is supposed to be.

    1. +David Gooley

      Don’t close yourself off from marrying again. When you posted this (9 mos
      ago), you were fresh off the divorce train, and your wounds were still raw.
      I’m hoping that you’re doing better now… and if you work on yourself, you
      will continue to do and feel better. I divorced almost two years ago, and
      I’m not “over it” yet–because divorce isn’t something you ever really get
      over, rather you incorporate the scars and the lessons into the fabric of
      your being. You will never again be the person you were before the divorce,
      but that’s actually a good thing, because post-divorce you is wiser and has
      learned. Well, if you’ve been paying attention and learning from this
      experience, you’re wiser and more learned.

      There are good women out there, women who are trustworthy and who
      understand what marriage is supposed to be. But maybe you have to be a
      better man to catch their attention? I don’t know you from Adam, so that’s
      not a criticism. What I’m saying is that you need to look at yourself
      critically, identify how you may have contributed to the failure of your
      marriage (it’s never only just one person’s fault!), take responsibility
      for and ownership of that, and work on improving yourself. If you do that,
      and become the best man you can be, you will start to find the good women
      you yearn for.

      Best of luck to you 🙂

    2. +eskellyable I forgot about this post from that time. I have gone through a
      number of changes in my perspective. One of which is I didn’t really
      understand my worth as a man or an individual. Had I understood that long
      ago, I probably would not have gotten married in the first place. Each
      individual has a one in existence value simply by virtue of being alive,
      much like a finger print or retina. Even with twins, triplets, etc. or if
      you cloned yourself, each individual has a unique perspective and
      personality no matter how much they can replicate each other’s behavior.
      Even the most subtle difference in perspective becomes vast and great over

      I also understand that it is a man’s job to feed his wife with words of
      affection and encouragement, something I know I wasn’t doing on a regular
      basis. When that proverbial lightbulb lit up, the first thought that came
      to mind is that it would take a lot of work, but then it seemed the Creator
      inspired me to know that maintenance takes a lot less work than repair. In
      other words, if I proactively provide my wife those words of affection and
      encouragement, she will have the emotional and mental strength to be at
      peace during the day and is more apt to be intimate mentally, emotionally
      and sexually. Please don’t shoot me for mentioning the sexually and assume
      this is the motive. I am simply pointing out my understanding and
      conclusion of the matter.

  12. OMG! Who is this lady? She is absolutely brilliant! I don’t think I’ve ever
    seen a women who “gets it” better than this lady when talking about how men
    view sex in a marriage.

  13. So is it really such a common thing for men to not do anything around the
    house? I do about 90% of the housework all by myself while my wife plays
    with her phone and then always tells me that she’s too tired to have “hurry
    up and get it overwith” sex more than once a month.

    But it’s all my fault that our relationship sucks…

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