Saving our Marriage – Eps 4

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Saving Our Marriage couples learn about the importance of practicing Boundaries; this helps them know what to say when having conflict. The couples meet Fortune and Letitia a guest couple that shares their love story and marriage journey with our couples. This inspires them and brings renewed hope. Ilze brings out the difficult conversation around money.

Saving our Marriage is a reality marriage coaching show that will see 5 couples go on a journey of learning how to build a healthy and loving marriage. For Saving our Marriage it is important that couples constantly plug back into their reality. Couples will be filmed in their day to day lives Monday to Thursday, while on Fridays, couples will move into the couples retreat for the weekend where they will be put through intense counselling and tasks by resident experts Paul Nyamuda and Ilze Alberts.

Catch Saving our Marriage, a local reality show, Wednesday, at 19:30 on SABC 3. Watch the full episode here at 20:30. Join us then!


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