Saving Your Marriage From Divorce – David Clarke Part 2

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There is hope for bad marriages. Jim Daly & John Fuller talk with Dr. David Clarke over his book, I Don’t Want a Divorce. He shares that if you are struggling in your marriage that you are not alone and there is hope. You can find David's book on our store here:

He discusses the three main bad marriage types:, the “We’re unhappy but willing to work on it marriage,” the “My marriage is stuck but my spouse won’t work on it marriage” and the “My spouse committed a big sin marriage.”

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25 thoughts on “Saving Your Marriage From Divorce – David Clarke Part 2

  1. God brought this to me back in July. It was exactly what I needed! I have been shunning since then. I am slowly getting out of my marriage. I have made myself financially independent, have a job I love. I am grateful we don’t have young children. And, everyday, I pray that God restores my marriage. God has been by my side the entire time. I could not have done what I’ve done so far without Him. And whatever happens, I know He is with me still.

  2. I’ve experienced this rejection from my spouse. I Praise God for this specific topic thats being talked about. Im in a period of what i called healing……im healing slowly. As i heal, the Lord sends individuals that need to be ministered to, and God is giving that task, and i tell you…..its been one great priviledge to be able to minister to others…..back to my marriage….i am confident about faith that Gods in control and that this present hurt/pain doesnt not compare to what will be revealed!!!!! I study His Word. I love the bond Christ and i have. He is with me and He indeed is faithful to me and for that i Praise Him and talk to Him and get to knw Him better through reading scriptures….i discipline myself to seek Truth, to His Word so that it fully satisfy and edify my soul. Please pray for me and my husband as i go through this season. The Lord rebuke satan whos been trying to tear me. I will stand on firm Rock. Christ is my strength, my marriage is victorious in Jesus name. Amen

  3. This is so wonderful to no,ad a blessing,ad we need this to apply in are relationship as husband,wifey,ad the Lord Jesus is with us to guide us togather as one,ad being on the right page ,as God wants us to be,we do make misstakes who don’t,I do want this to work between the both.of us,amen.MsTAubrey with love always 👍👀🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💞💕💖💖💕💖💖💖💕💖💞

  4. Omg! Awesome , sound and biblical! Finally a “how to” that so often the church fails to give the Christians. God bless Focus on the Family for always diving into the Word to help support families. Thank you David Clarke. I will be getting a copy of the 90 day guide. Praying my husband will heal and our marriage will be restored for Gods purpose.

  5. He is right when dealing with this type of man. Your pain will never be enough to change his heart. He has too much self love to notice. The only thing that affected my spouse to begin with was to leave for even a few days . He needs to feel loss personally and to feel what you have been in your heart for years.

  6. How much of the marriage crisis in the Church is related to the worldly, idealistic notion of connecting with the perfect partner?

  7. Wow, Thank you. This message is a complete confirmation deep within my belly from the Lord. Painful but much needed.

  8. I wish I had this advice 3yrs ago. My divorce is supposed to be finalized in a couple weeks and I feel absolutely sick about it. The pain is unbelievable.

    1. pray for the Lord to block it and bring a solution to save the marriage. He works the most when we give Him the wheel, i.e. when we are out of options.

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  10. I can across this video on Secret fixer blueprint – there are plenty more awesome videos there that will help out

  11. My husband separated from me in July moved out in November filed for divorce in January and February 20th we have a divorce meeting. I have been wanting to reconcile and he refuses. His heart is very hard and hates me. I have been praying and God is silent

  12. If there was a 2-thumbs up” I’d give that rating! God brought this to me at the perfect moment. Bless you all. Im buying the audio book.

  13. Amen! If you truly seek the LORD in all of this. HE will show you HIS will in this! GOD will fix you if your are willing to repent and change.

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