10 thoughts on “Steve Harvey on Making Your Marriage Work

  1. good video. steve’s a smart brotha check out “male point of view” videos on my page for different topics.

    1. Because it took him three times to find the woman of his dreams, his soulmate, the woman that makes him want to be better.  He can tell us what to do and what not to do.

    2. +Tranca Farve Oh, so this one is his “soulmate” and “the woman of his dreams”? 

      That’s pretty funny, considering this marriage is the shortest he’s had so far.

    3. So agree with you I suppose he’s like one of those guys that ended up in a wheelchair after drink driving telling you how to drive !

  2. Since this was aired Feb. 12, 2010, I just wonder if all four couples did actually take the walk down the aisle and are they still married today?  Would be interesting to know.

  3. want to keep your marriage strait. if you’re a woman swallow take it in the booty and use the pinky. if your a man I guess pray she’s not crazy

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