20 thoughts on “Stop Your Divorce | Fireproof Your Marriage

  1. what a nice movie. ! 🙂 i really appreciated this. i am hoping you would release more movies like this. God Bless You more!

    1. I have too, Nancy. I’m in my 40s and they divorced when I was 7. It really hurt and I tried to get them back together as hard as I could at that age.

    1. It can be if both couples really try, and are willing to forgive, and most of all if Christ is part of the marriage. With God, all things are possible, and that’s when the Caleb character turned around, when he accepted Christ. That’s when Catherine started seeing a difference. Remember she told Caleb that she sees he changed and she wants what happened to him to happen to her.

    1. watch how the producers and volunteers treat each other. the good result is a testimony of good treatment all their life.

  2. They fight the fight the wrong way with the wrong people… This movie and War Room have so much in common

  3. Oh I just have to see this movie in full, and may the Grace of God warm my husband ‘s heart to it also. We so need
    restoration right now.

  4. I love this movie and the message it gives. Unfortunately my marriage still fell apart despite doing the love dare on my husband. I was willing to work and fight but he wasn’t. I was willing the forgive what was done to me, but he wasn’t willing to wake up and realize what he was doing. Things got worse and I was forced to leave to save my own life. Best decision I ever made.

    1. Sharon Regardless you have to press into Christ, he will transform you and your ex. Your identity and the intimacy you truly seek will only be fulfilled in him.

    2. @Sharon: good for you. A lot of people who haven’t been in that kind of situation don’t know that sometimes divorce is the ‘least bad’ option. Hope everything goes well for you in the future. Take care of yourself 🙂

    3. Sharon, I completely understand. I also did the love dare on my ex husband and he rejected everything I was doing. It turned out he was heavily addicted to pornography. He told me he no longer wanted to be married and chose the porn over me and our son. For years I blamed myself because I couldn’t save my marriage. But now I have remarried to a wonderful man, he loves the Lord with all of his heart, my ex did not.

  5. Watched this movie at the request of my hopefully future father in law and I need all the prayers and luck I can get in order to win my finance back. Please say a prayer for me

  6. It’s unfortunate that these guys who made the movie screwed it up by saying through the movie’s execution that only the man is at fault while his wife is blameless.

  7. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Bobby had the hubby and I watch this movie. It was freaking fantastic! The hubby and I split up before, but we’re now back together. The first part of the movie was exactly how we used to be. Since we’ve just recently gotten back together, we’re both willing to work at it like this guy in the movie did to make our marriage fireproof. I definitely recommend this movie to all married couples who need help.

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