Take Ecstasy to Save Your Marriage?

Go Here Now,To Save Your Marriage!

"The divorce rate is high. Internet dating has killed romance. And we are all going to die alone.

But it might not have to be that way, says Oxford ethicist Brian Earp and colleagues Anders Sandberg and Julian Savulescu. Not if couples start taking ecstasy, that is. So-called love-inducing drugs like oxytocin and MDMA could be the answer to a commitment-averse culture."

An Oxford ethicist argues that couples should be allowed to take MDMA, or ecstasy, in order to save marriages. Could the "love-enhancing" drug save romance? Ana Kasparian and Kevin Pereira (Super Creative) discuss.

*Read more from Katie McDonough/ Alternet:

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25 thoughts on “Take Ecstasy to Save Your Marriage?

  1. Use of drugs is also voluntary. Will you tell someone who takes viagra: “perhaps you shouldn’t have sex” or “you’re taking drugs to rush something that is supposed to be natural”…

  2. average marriage in USA is 28 for men and 26 for women so I was clearly closer than your 35-40 guess.

    Also the age is not the point of the video and i dont know why you got so obssessed with it

    1. Well that should be legal too. But as useful a plant as cannabis is (and I know I’m going to get some guff here), it isn’t the absolute answer to everything all the time.

      Sometimes, MDMA can be better. Just for some things. Only some of the time.

  3. How’s it a ‘false’ sense of love?

    There must be some pre-existing reason that they’d be willing to do this together, in the same way that people go on holidays together or take art classes together or renew their vows and stuff. They’re trying to re-energise the relationship.

    The point is to try and create new experiences that remind you of what you love them in the first place.

  4. Taking drugs to mend a wounded relationship?—Really??? Drugs won’t solve the problem, it will only mask it. You know what heals relationships? Communication, not drugs. If it gets that bad, then the real healthy thing would be to separate. This pro-drug talk is getting more and more ridiculous. (And this is coming from a guy whose a HUGE fan of Kev Pereira, and has been watching his shows since AOTS back in 2006. Got nothing but love for the guy, but he is way too liberal with this kind of thing…

    1. +Arodblade I think you got this one wrong. The mdma is not mask the problems. You cant take MDMA everyday i becomes useless verry quick. You take the MDMA to comunicate much more easy and with out Fear and Anexiety. Its like a tool to help comunicate on a much deeper lvl. have a nice day 😀

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