The #1 Secret to Bringing the Spark Back to Your Marriage (Shocking Answer!)

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— The #1 Secret to Bringing the Spark Back to Your Marriage (Shocking Answer!)

There’s no doubt about it, marriage takes work. That’s why it’s no surprise when neglected relationships start to lose their spark. If you can relate to this, don’t panic, I’m about to share with you the best kept secret for bringing that fiery passion back.

Hey YouTube, my name is Natalie Sayward and I’m a marriage guru from Toronto, Ontario. Today I want to talk about an issue that arises in most marriages, and that’s what you should do when the spark begins to fade.

Now, what I’m about to share with you may sound shocking, but believe me, I know from first hand experience that it’s what you need to save your marriage.

Ready to find out… drumroll please….


That’s right! The key to bringing the spark back and saving your marriage is to show your spouse that you appreciate him or her.

Now you may be thinking, “Well, I already show my spouse I appreciate them,” but think again, do you actually? When was the last time you thanked your husband or wife for the little things? The last time you did something to express your gratitude?

The truth is, appreciating your spouse goes way beyond simply saying “thank you.” Yes, saying “thank you” is still important, especially once you’re comfortable with your spouse and the small gestures that used to be a big deal become the norm, but to really get the spark back I suggest trying some of these more alternative ideas on for size.

1: Make your spouse feel needed.

Let’s start with the ladies. Since men have traditionally been the hunters and providers for their families, it’s important that you make him feel needed. Even if this isn’t necessarily the case — I mean, it is 2017 and strong, driven women are quite common these days — still make him feel like the man he longs to be.

If you can make him feel needed and valued, strong and useful in your marriage then it won’t be long until the spark is revived. Even something as simple as getting him to open the pickle jar, or cutting the lawn, those are things that make him feel like he has an important role in your relationship. That said, keep in mind that there is a huge difference between being needy and making him feel needed. Don’t expect him to bend over backwards for you.

Now men, when it comes to making your wife feel needed it’s simply a matter of showing her that there are things that she does for you that no other woman can. Maybe this means asking for her opinion when it comes to important matters, or for her assistance with choosing an outfit. Again, it’s these little things that make her feel like you value and need her in your life. When your wife does help, be sure to let her know how much it means to you, because believe me, that will mean even more to her.

2: Tell your spouse how LUCKY you are

Making your spouse feel like one in a million is a great way to bring back the spark between the two of you. To do so, think about the early days of your relationship. Back then you probably hung off your partner’s every word and made it known that they were the most important person in your life. That is the mentality you need to bring back, and once you do, the spark you shared in the beginning will return.

The good news is that doing this is easier than it seems. Simply telling your spouse how lucky you are to have them in your life and how special he or she makes you feel will do wonders for bringing the spark back in your marriage. Sometimes all it takes is this kind of reminder to bring back those passionate feelings.

3: Show your spouse physical affection

Now, this one may sound a bit odd when talking about appreciation, but you’d be surprised how much of an impact simply holding your husband’s or wife’s hand can have!

So, whether you choose to snuggle up close or go out of your way to stroke your spouse’ ego in the bedroom, showing him or her that you’re still attracted to them is a foolproof way to bring the spark back to your marriage.

Now, if it’s been some time since you behaved this way then it may be a bit awkward to do these things. But, start slow and work your way up. Showing your spouse that you appreciate them being your lover will most definitely reignite the spark.
If you take the time to appreciate your partner every day, even for the little things, then it won’t be long until you’re feeling like newly weds all over again. And again, it doesn’t take much to show your spouse how special they are to you, so make a point of doing those little things that wooed him or her in the beginning. Appreciation can go a long way when it comes to commitment.

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