28 thoughts on “The Divorce Which Saved a Marriage

    1. Stop lying on the word of God. It’s a sin to divorce and marry someone else and even in those situations, Gods grace can cover. You should read Luke 16:18. It says if they marry ANOTHER, this couple remarried each other

    2. BeautyKinks wow. You’re statement is so ridiculous and you do not understand the scriptures at all.
      Praying for you
      If God compares a marriage to His marriage to us and He’s married to the backslider then a divorce couple can be restored back to eachother.

    3. BeautyKinks kindly pull out the scripture which speaks of a restored marriage as an abomination before God. Beware of deception…

  1. I needed to see this and hear this msg, I’m going through it now, my husband filed for a divorce a couple days ago. He out of the blue a month ago said he didn’t want to be married anymore. Had me feeling kinda sad, I been praying and now I’m kinda pulling away and ready to give up, I begged and cried and I’m all cried out, but this story is very inspiring.

  2. not to judge but when she said they met they were both Christians they should have known better as to what to do for the marriage and how to act….but now God leads their marriage which how it should have been in the beginning but so happy to see them re married they are meant to be you can just tell

  3. Immaturity n Lacking the Wisdom to Build a House is So Prevalent these Testimonies are Such a Blessing for Couples to get The real Wisdom For a Beautiful Blessed Family. I know The Bible say don’t Remarry But his Mercy is on Whom he Wills , You Guys have a Beautiful Family☆ BeBlessed! God Have Mercy on Us All

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