52 thoughts on “The Divorce Which Saved a Marriage

  1. My wife is living separately for 5 years, now is adamant about divorce. I want to reconcile and restore marriage. Please pray for us. She is adamant about divorce. Please pray for me.

  2. been divorced almost a year. I want my husband back. We’re in different states and he’s dating someone. Please pray.

    1. Dearest Makayla
      i feel your pain, my divorce was final in February this year. my husband has just told me he is seeing someone and it hurts to the core. i too want my husband back and pray for god’s word and understanding . the pain has allowed me to search for answers and here i am. praise god and bless you and hope in faith for the lord has plans for us.

  3. I am recently divorced and I am still in love with my wife. she is in a relationship with a man who is an atheist. I’m praying that God intervenes in this and restore my marriage Please keep me in prayer Thanks. Joe

    1. Joe Zahner if she was to come back, you would be the second in line, 2nd best.

      Being second best is not good enough for a man of God who is made in God’s image.
      You deserve way better than that.
      Scripture clearly states that once the woman knows (intimately) another man, her original husband cannot take her anymore.

      In other words, God believes that a man who is made in His image deserves waaay more than being 2nd best in the heart of an adultress.

      Joe Zahner you need to cut the ties and enjoy your life.

    2. misterjesp your message is a hard one, but accurate. And you spoke correctly, the Latin word for Man is “imago Dei” – Image of God.

    3. I will pray and I really respect you more for loving your wife and looking forward to restoration. In JESUS’ name, please restore this man’s marriage and make it better than it was before with BOTH of them working toward a successful relationship with each other!

  4. wao! great is there hope 3yrz of divorce and my hubby married onother wife?? if yes plz pray for me. if no then pray that i forget abt him complete and God show me his ways and provide me a hubby. amen

  5. my twins effected me this way too…but my husband liked Ps4 more than me in the end. Right now Im just kinda numb and attempting to heal.

  6. What a beautiful story!! Please keep me in your prayers. I have been divorced from my husband since Feb of 2017 and he is living with the other woman. God told me to stand for my marriage and it will be restored! I can not wait for that day! Please Pray Pray Pray!!

    1. may god restore your marriage as mine and I will pray for you all others that suffer this fate. I know God is using us for his purpose and plan. The enemy has come to kill and destroy all that is good from God so I pray that we all move through the challenges by continuing to have faith that the Lord our God shall never leave us.

    1. jam davis I dealing with this right now. He has a child and a new wife. I’m so broken but I can’t seem to give up

  7. Two people cant take care two babies. What a shame. Im a single farher and i work 10 houra day and i can take care if my two kids. Boy and girl.

    1. Not everyone is empowered or have the drive and capability to look after kids. People have kids but dont really know if they can handle it. You cant blame a parent for being depressed or unattached to their child. Those are life challenges and not everyone overcomes. Stop your selfish view.

  8. I’m a Christian man who was divorced 5 years ago. I’m happier today. I didn’t enjoy getting assaulted on a regular basis.

    1. Certainly,there’s greater fulfilment surmounting a challenge and living together again in victory. God never brings us a test that is greater than our capability. When we feel overwhelmed ,He giveth more grace.Typing this last line reminds me of that Hymn HE GIVETH MORE GRACE.

      God hates Divorce…you can have it restored

  9. Anyone that wants to learn how to restore your marriage God’s way, google rejoice marriage ministry
    Changed my mind about marriage and my behavior and prayers towards my husband
    I tell anyone that is saved, looking to restore their marriage about this ministry! Amazing

  10. I’m not married, but something I believe: always make sure the marriage is ordained by God… ?? I feel sad reading these comments.

  11. Praise God, but it takes two , you both have to want it ..free will . Blessings to all. They both were willing to take steps to make it work . Two becoming 1

  12. Happy for them.. they both WANTED. Loved
    God was a huge part of their lives. When He is everything ALL is Good. Even in the storms ..

  13. The biggest advantage I have gained from this save my marriage guide “bomto comely date” (Google it) was perspective. There were so many lessons regarding how to look at what was occurring in my life from a different angle. The true examples from real people provided me insight that you could really survive an affair!

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