The Healing Journey of Marriage

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Why do we choose the spouse that we choose? What are we looking for in regards to marriage? In this powerful video, Jimmy Evans shares how marriage can become a healing journey.

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Jimmy Evans is one of America’s leading experts on family and marriage relationships. He is Founder and CEO of MarriageToday™ and co-host of MarriageToday with Jimmy and Karen, the marriage ministry and national award-winning broadcast that airs to millions of homes each week. A popular church and conference speaker, he has also authored a number of books, including Marriage on the Rock, Our Secret Paradise and The Right One.

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22 thoughts on “The Healing Journey of Marriage

    1. not think that we would be at a desperate place.. about what I find sad, more sad than that is that he probably doesn’t even know that’s where we’re at. Actually I know that he has
      No Clue ‘ love Angel Joy

  1. Pastor Jimmy Evans’ teachings plus God’s word has helped me during my six month separation with my husband. We came close to a final divorce when I came across these sermons and learned what a godly marriage is. My heart understood these teachings and recognized where we both went wrong and where we need to compromise and sacrifice and are in the process of reconciliation to keep our marriage and family with small children in tact. My husband who does not like to hear sermons but thank God he responded well to pastor jimmy’s and is listening together with me. It will be a difficult road ahead for me as we are where pastor and his wife were in the beginning of there marriage, where we fight all the time as he suffers from an addiction and very dominating. God has given me a heart of forgiveness but I need to do what Karen Evans did, go to God alone and pray for him and not try to confront or correct my husband as I have done unsuccessfully and that was where most our heated blow ups happen. Please pray for our family.

    1. Judy R. Also search Rejoice Marriage Ministry. It will also help you on your journey of marriage reconciliation. I’m praying for you and your family.

  2. My marriage destroyes me as man. God joined me together with an unattractive wife with good character. I hate having sex with her, after intercourse I feel disgusted. and wish I wouldn’t have to have it anymore with her. I desire a complete different wife in appearance.

    1. If you didn’t choose her, you wouldn’t have been joined together with her. Start taking responsibility for YOUR actions.

    2. U can pray for her to lose weight spend money on her. A loved woman is radiant . Show me a wife and I can tell about a husband. U need to change

    1. There are several factors in what to do to save your marriage . One resource I found which successfully combines these is the Secret Fixer Blueprint (check it out on google) without a doubt the most incredible guide i’ve seen. Check out the super info .

  3. I want to heal with my True Husband I need him so badly I am still In 💘 with my True Husband and can not be with out him I am a 1 man Woman No 1 can take my True Husbands place at all.

  4. Pastor Jimmy and Karyn I’m getting married in September I would like to share your knowledge and wisdom about marriage to fellow friends and family at Benoni South Africa.

  5. I like about Jimmy is how honest he is about his past with his wife. All the examples he has of their past fights, what he did, how he admits he was wrong, and how they fixed things

  6. God used this to again confirm to me I am with the one he sent to me god is currently working on us both separately I’ve come out the Wilderness and in complete peace

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