The Itch | How to save your Marriage | Animated Short

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The Itch | How to save your Marriage

Are you looking to spice up your relationship? Adopt a dog, who knows what might happen. If all else fails, at least you've got the dog!

The Itch , a short animated cartoon by Patrick Schoenmaker.

A promising young love turns into a dragging marriage, unbearable for everyone involved, including the dog. He is bored to death in the squeaky-clean house of his neat freak mistress. But an uninvited guest might bring some welcome playtime around the house.

Short film by Patrick Schoenmaker.
Produced by Daan Velsink, Breinmonster.
Music by Jorrit Kleijnen and Alexander Reumers.

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  1. Ok I love this. Here in the middle east it’s the husband which sucks the life, energy and will to live from the wife until she turns into a depressed overweight personal then when he can no longer find energy to feed on he finds another victim. I mean wife

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