The Power of Your Words

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Jimmy Evans discusses how our speech determines success or failure. Just like a farmer plants for a harvest, our words are like seed that grow positively or negatively in relationships.

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Jimmy Evans is one of America’s leading experts on family and marriage relationships. He is Founder and CEO of MarriageToday™ and co-host of MarriageToday with Jimmy and Karen, the marriage ministry and national award-winning broadcast that airs to millions of homes each week. A popular church and conference speaker, he has also authored a number of books, including Marriage on the Rock, Our Secret Paradise and The Right One.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Your Words

  1. Until we get serious that we cannot block our brain from what we hear short of plugging up our ears, the fact that words have defined who and what we are and can draw our attention to thoughts that we might very likely object to puts us at the mercy of what anyone says. When ignorance doesn’t shut the offending mouth then putting distance to inaudibility is our only defense against free speech.

  2. Angels write down almost everything and record it is my opinion; Scriptures states-
    “where can i go from your Spirit

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