15 thoughts on “These Tips Could Save Your Marriage

  1. Sometimes if you are having problems in your marriage the best thing you can do for the sake of your children and your health is to get a divorce. It is not frowned upon Islamically and as long as both parents fulfill their Islamic duty to the children of the marriage and to each other then it is the best choice for everyone involved.

    The social pressures that exist and push people into marriages are difficult for young people to understand and it is unfair to expect people to bear a lifetime burden for a commitment they made in their youth. Both parties should fulfill their Islamic obligations to their children and this will be the key to happiness.

    1. When I got married 30years ago I decided to keep communicating open. I was the, one who apologised for my mistakes and said I felt bad when he did something wrong. Well when we moved to his home land with in a few days I saw the person he really was and suddenly I realised o never really knew him.well he got married to another lady three years ago after a ten years of just going by her house. First he denied anything. Then he abused me in the foulest term. I tried to accept it despite him blaming me. I fell apart he forgived me lol. Well it’s been a long hard journey 30years of financial struggle and sacrifice and yet again he says you r a bad person. I pray Tajikistan and ask for Allah to help me. The pain is less now, but the hurt never goes away. I cannot leave as early have no one. I think my marriage should have ended the day he decide to stay in, India. Just some advice. Make no one your god. Allah is the only one you do for

    2. irene d Salam sister. I will make dua for you and your peace. Inshallah you will have happiness in this world at some point. There are many selfish and misogynistic men in the world that lie about themselves to entrap women. I hope for Islamic justice for these scoundrels. “After suffering, there is ease”(94:6).

    3. Everybody so easily says I want to get divorced so fast. Of course if it’s best for the family and for the couples get divorced, but I really think that they should try to see what their other options are and try to work it out as best they can because at the end of the day there a family and a family works best with both parents present, and makes it very hard on the children especially with divorced

    4. Lizzy L Salam sister. I’m not sure what you mean by “everyone says”. In my opinion “everyone says” to stay together. However statements like “it is better if both parents are present” are very untrue and insulting to the millions of Muslims who don’t have both parents present. It is not for us to make a decision on what is best for a child. Everyone should make up their own mind on what is best. In Islam(and biologically) the most sacred worldly bond a person can have is with their mother and all efforts should be taken to ensure that this is maintained. Beyond that relationship, a father should financially contribute to his offspring. However many men are not equipped for family life and to attempt to imprison a family under the tyranny of an unwanted father figure so we can have them fit the “perfect family” image is bad for society in my opinion. However I respect and appreciate your input JazakAllah.

  2. Think long and hard before you get married, because once you get married and have kids with somebody you were bonded with them for life. Try to work out differences in the marriage, don’t just go to divorce right away that’s my opinion and advice

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