Things to Avoid If You Want to Save Your Marriage – A Woman’s Perspective!

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Things to Avoid If You Want to Save Your Marriage – A Woman's Perspective!

As a woman married for almost a decade, I know what it is to go through a sagging and romance-less marriage. Interestingly though, nothing seems to be wrong from the outside; the world sees you as a happily married couple, as no one can detect the cancer that is eating the marriage from within.

When I was going through this kind of phase, I initially decided to end my suffering and ask for a divorce. But on the advice of a former therapist, I decided to take some proactive steps to save my marriage. What started out as experimentation, turned into a fruitful exercise and today I am confident of giving you some fail-proof tips about how to save your marriage.

I believe, to save your marriage it is more important to know about the things which you should avoid, rather than things you should do. According to me, if you can take care to avoid these errors, in action and judgment, you can actually save your relationship with your husband without losing your dignity or pride.

• However independent spirited you may be, never go overboard with your independent nature. Learn to depend on your husband or at least seek his advice at most steps in life. Every husband wants to feel superior and wanted and when the wife appears to lean on him for help, he laps it up. This can not only save your marriage, but also bring you closer to him.

• Never underestimate his intellect or judgmental faculties. If you need to dispute any of his ideas, first praise him for this power of lateral thinking, and then put in a word edgeways, suggesting some modification to his idea.

• You can save your marriage very successfully, if you never criticize him in public.

• Never disregard his sexual needs and desires. At times you might have to put on the creative cap to bring in some innovative ideas to bed. This works like magic.

• Never use harsh words or throw temper if you are trying to change or stop any bad habit. This calls for immense amount of patience and fortitude, but as a wife if you want safety, health and happiness for your husband, tread on such areas very carefully.

• Never forget to appreciate his initiatives to make compromises and adjustments. When you notice something good, immediately acknowledge it and thank him. This may sound a bit silly at times, but this act can go miles to save your marriage.

• Even if there are enough provocations, never use abusive language or call him names, etc. These things are great stress relievers but can ruin a marriage completely. Hurting his ego is the worst thing that you can do as a wife.

Whether you are still together and having problems or you are already seperated and want to save your marriage… the next step is absolutely crucial! Don't make the mistake of saying or doing something that will kill your chances of getting back together with your spouse.

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