Go Here Now,To Save Your Marriage!

Listen to these words… They may be simple, they may be short – but if sincerely applied – the results in your marriage will be ASTOUNDING!

This is just one of the thousands of couples who have come with complicated, precarious marital issues to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) to receive godly counsel and wisdom from T.B. Joshua.

Watch how a pinpoint prophetic word reveals this man's challenge and the extraordinary confession that comes in its stead. Only God's wisdom could resolve such a relationship and return calmness where there was once chaos!

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    1. I’m thankful to the Almighty God for reconciliation of this marriage. it takes God’s grace abandance Grace for such to happen. God give me a forgiving heart

  1. The hardest test is to forgive someone who cheated on you, it only takes Lord’s mercy and Grace our fresh can’t

    1. Nick you are a wonderful, wonderful man. l would love to meet you. l think I am in love with you. You are so awesome.God has been so good to you. l would love to meet you. You have such a beautiful family. Elva

  2. Hello Brethren praise the name of God my name is Shane from Kenya buh I reside in Dubai, am planning to visit SCON kindly my family in Nigeria is there anyone who can accommodate me before I get a Hotel? Kindly if there’s any of Brethren God wants to use to help me in this situation kindly hit my inbox on WhatsApp +971555636107 God bless you

    1. Shane Hati official it is risky to put your mobile number on the internet for direct contact As the man of God has warned us many times not to fall a prey in the hands of Dubious people
      Pls get Emmanuel tv facebook page
      Emmanuel TV official account and contact them yourself Don’t go through anyone

  3. Please anybody reading this pray for me,man of God said never quite because of the situation, I want to leave my work because of some situations but i believe if we pray together God will answer either to quite or stay please help

    1. It’s very important to seek God’s face before taking important decisions I will join you in prayers as well if we can enter fasting and prayer to hear what God has to say!!!! Goodmorning!!

    2. Anfal Aljadlan
      Our situation are not made to destroy us but to strengthen our faith. Daddy T.b Joshua always say that… my sister don’t quite already u hv a message from man of God in this video.. let’s pray together n ashame the devil…..

    1. Esther – You said it! These women start out by being “helpless” …then men come to their rescue and this is the start of big trouble.

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