7 thoughts on “Tony Robbins 2017 News Best – Repair Your Relationship When All Hope Seems Lost

  1. Rather insulting; he mentions someone who says they quit smoking and on day 4–getting to day 4 is tough, that’s the nicotine withdrawal from the blood stream. I would give some good advice on deep breathing and pat them on the back. Quitting smoking is tough work. I totally respect anyone who can beat a narcotic dependence. That just turned me off. So much babble and negativity.

  2. I love all Tonys videos but this one just gets me down because I have NO clue about how to invest, so I end up “thinking” that the only way I will ever have financial freedom is to either win the money or be happy that I won’t ever have financial freedom, or maybe I am just missing the point altogether… Yeah this vid is not for beginners :s and especially not for mature single women 🙂

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