Tony Robbins gives relationship / marriage advice on how to save a marriage breakdown

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Tony Robbins gives marriage advice on how to save a marriage breakdown. Marriage is a skill you need to develop if you want to be happy.
Tony Robbins give marriage and relationship advice that will help you save your marriage that will leave you speachless.

A loving marriage is much more than boy mets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Love is a combination of brain chemicals that scientists call "Chemistry" the marriage brain chemical that is released that cause you to be attracted to each other and fall in love with each other and eventually get marriaged is called oxytocin.

How to rejuvinate your relationship, your marriage and how to save your marriage will leave you speachless. Tony Robbins talks about what if you only have 10 days to live how would you live?

Not matter what happens what are you gonna focus on? And what does this mean? Depending how you view the challenges in your marriage depends on what your gonna do. If you feel this is the end of your marriage you are gonna act much different than if you feel you're gonna save your marriage.

Tony Robbins shows the audience that emotions are a habbit. So if you typically are angry, you will find a reason in your marriage or relationship to be angry however if you are loving your marriage will give you a reason to be loving.

So if you are not a loving person you will need to develop this habit to sve your marriage.

Tony Robbins also expalins certain trigger certain emotions. You emotions follow your body not your body follows your emotions. So if you act like you have a happy you will have a happy marriage.

What this Tony Robbins video to get the full scoope!

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