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  1. It touches essentials of a true love relationship. I like Tony’s honest and tough-love approach that does not allow any BS. Every couple should watch it! Wish all a truly fulfilling relationship and true love.


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  2. This is the first time I listen to Tony Robbins. Very impressive. Good insight on how to build a relationship. It all starts with you. You have to heal yourself before you can love anyone else. Looking forward to more of his messages.

  3. Tony u r doing a great job.The thing I liked in this whole conversation was to try to find a solution to the problem rather than leaving each other, because if u indulge in a new relationship and repeat the same mistakes.So the best thing to make ur relationship work.Hat’s off?

    1. Trevor Conley meee well because it Helps to see what excersises they used to aleviate The Pain
      And to help progress

    2. Trevor Conley they both seemed a bit short on grey matter, so, no..a person should always be transforming themselves..that fat woman..? Wants to stay at home, but not in today’s conditions..how can you not discuss basics..absolutely no communication

  4. this really opened my eyes with my girl. I see the shield we’ve both put up with each other and I hope to show her this video.

    1. I hope to show mine this video too I understand why she is the way she is now and I feel bad for the way I’ve treated her

  5. I feel the same way when he said he couldn’t be a man until her father passed. I think I’ll never be a woman until my mother in law dies. Sad and cold, but true.

    1. I hope you both spoke to your partner about this issue and are giving them love more than their mothers do. Work hard to make it work, marriage is not easy. ❤

    2. WOW!!! Thank you for that honesty…. I totally feel that way about my sister in law. She’s more a wife than a sister and it makes me uncomfortable.

    1. Maurice Powers its him who did most of the crying..René!Ber, making oneself unattractive by overeating can be a way of keeping the partner at a distance..its her who is not interested in the relationship..her emotional needs are fulfilled by her kids and her family..he feels he doesn’t have a role because in order to avoid working she gets money from her family..I think she’s quite a miserable clingy selfish person..

  6. This is not only for married people this is also for single women and men they can learn a lot I believe in this! These are the keys before these are the keys in the middle and these are the keys during you we are always learning there is!
    No one is exempt from these keys no one knows everything. Tony Robbins has been around he is very good!

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