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My name is Nik and I go by Nikocado Avocado. My channel is where I like to express myself — the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, and everything in-between. I love sharing my exciting life with you each day over a warm plate of food. I enjoy doing food challenges, recipes, cooking tutorials, and eating shows (called "Mukbang"). See you tomorrow!

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81 thoughts on “We’re Saving Our Marriage

  1. Dear stranger who reads this comment: you’re incredible and unique. God bless you, stay safe and have a great day🤍.

    1. How reassuring that this isn’t just me doing this watching nikocado vids before going to bed at night. Hahaha 😂

    1. @YouTube Music i disagree i think Orlin is just as bad or worse then Nik. Seems like its always Orlin to start the insults, Orlin doesn’t work so i dont see a problem with him helping Nik. I am a housewife and i take care of my husband.

  2. anyone notice orlin is the one who’s like “your fat” and starts the argument however he acts all innocent?

    1. Anyone notice nik hits him first when orlin says something that nik doesnt like and when orlin hits him back he starts crying like he didnt do anything wrong? They are BOTH wrong.

  3. Nik: *explains why diarrhea is on his bedsheets*
    Also Nik: so yeah there is diarrhea on my bedsheets and i have no idea why.

  4. Orlin “ I don’t like when you force me to eat things “ I know for a fact he enjoying tf out that food lmao

  5. I don’t blame orlin for being “toxic” or whatever y’all call it bc he always gets the shorter end of the stick 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Is he really talking about his poop stains and diarrhea in the first minutes of the video
    👁👄👁….why am I even surprised…..anyways..

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