15 thoughts on “What If My Spouse Doesn’t Want To Save Our Marriage?

  1. @fpvztec
    My ex practically begged me to get back together. You just have to know what to say. If you want to learn, watch this
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  2. @utqtxzi
    My ex came running back to me after 3 weeks. You just have to know what to say. If you want to learn, watch this => bit.ly/NAFX2X?=lvdwrv

  3. Definitely I almost always tend to disagree with anything that has to do with relationships. However, this video is really helpful, and is a key part of the puzzle. I think Treitan Mellory would agree (google him!)

  4. There are several components to saving your partnership. One resource I discovered which successfully combines these is the Pavs partner pundit (google it if you’re interested) it’s the best guide that I have ever seen. Check out all the super info .

  5. I look down upon any person who has divorced as those who had to divorce showed extreme stupidity to have married their bad, incompatible spouses in the first place. Divorced people are like incarcerated bank robbers who had a choice, and decided to rob the bank instead of obtaining money legally.

    1. No way. I’m not the person who is about to divorce. The real idiots are those who are about to divorce because they made the idiotic decision to have married their bad and idiotic spouses in the first place.

    1. I think I’m in a narsisitic relationship.. We have six kids.. Two granddaughters.. And it’s falling fast… She walked out of church last night when I walked in the door

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