1. thank you for being an example and for empowering young girls and young women like myself to keep strong with saving ourselves before marriage. praying for you always, you’re a precious person. God bless you Emily?

  2. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for speaking truth out of love. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve remembered your testimony and example when facing a decision of my own. Thank you for not condemning but instead reaching out in love and reminding us of the value of our being!

  3. Thank you, being a senior in high school, I sometimes question my own choices to wait. It’s things like this that keep me strong and remind me that I can wait and I will. You’re such an inspiration Emily!

    1. Alexandrea Derrer

      Hi 🙂 yes, stay encouraged. I am married to my greatest friend, my sweet hearted husband. I just wanted to tell you, our first kiss was on our wedding day! We dated almost three years 🙂 We waites for marriage of course!
      God has tremendously blessed us for our love and obedience of Him. God is so worth our love and dedication. It was every bit worth it. My husband respectes me even before we were married. This truly is a gift.

    2. As someone who is on the other side of this, waiting is the most important thing to do, and especially finding someone who has waited for you. I can only tell you with words how horrible it is to deal with this stabbing heartache in my heart almost on a daily basis, but if you could understand and feel the pain firsthand, it’s something you would never even consider in a million years. It tears you down, it eats at you, it cuts you to your core randomly in the middle of your day, it’s the thought that never goes away and never gets easier, it is the only unhappiness in my life and it is the only thing stopping me from being able to say “yes” to a man I love. Seriously, wait. You won’t ever truly understand the meaning of it until you’re with the one you love. It has meaning, unlike a lot of people say, and it can cause damage to someone you will end up loving the most later in life. I am glad you made the decision to wait <3

    3. It’s so true what she’s says about women regretting not waiting once they find the man they marry… waiting til u get married is such an amazing thing u can share with ur husband… the right man will wait and respect u.. anyone else is not the right guy. blessings!

    4. It can definitely be hard, but just like Emily said, it is so worth it! I can definitely attest to the special quality it brings to marriage by waiting to have sex until you’re married. It is one of the best things.

  4. this is video is amazing thanks for sharing as a man whom has taking the vow to save himself for marriage I also have being mocked and being the punch line of many many jokes because I am a virgin. I want to able to say to my future wife yes you are the only woman I have been with. I also had relationships breakdown because I would not sleep with her. but after this video I know that I will find the one whom loves me and will understand. thank you so much

    1. It’s stupid how other guys get mocked for being a virgin. TBH not that big of a deal. Most guys who lose their virginity young end up having sex with multiple women but never finding a genuine relationship until later, including myself. I see my mates going on tinder just to have a one–night-stand and can’t help thinking “What is the purpose of that?” Sure, it’s pleasurable but it just lacks depth after a while and seems more and more bland, and as a result you try and find better and better relationships but none cut it.

      I’m taking a solid year or so break from any relationships to just think my life over. Probably not a bad idea for you either.

    2. Declan Faughey if she broke up with you because you didnt have sex that means she’s being used by the devil, they devil is trying to get you addicted to you will be walking around restlesslg day and night trying to fine someone to sleep with, the cycle never stop dont put yourself through that bondege, its a waist of time and you dont want affection demons in your life to make it hard you to love cause your heart was tread to thin, Fined the right one and enjoy life for it should be (peacefull), and pray for your marriage

  5. thank you, i really needed to hear this. IM 18 and waiting and everyone on my dorm floor has had sex. but I know I’m making the right decision

    1. 18! that’s young! i wish i would have waited. i’m not going to say it ruined my life but it definitely made me stumble. i’ll just wait for it now i though…i’ll try.

    2. Have you seen Lauren Southern’s video about this topic? I highly recommend it. 🙂 It’s called “What every girl needs to hear.”

  6. Great video! Me and my boyfriend are both 22, virgins, and continue to wait until marriage. You’re so right about what people say, but we’re not doing it for them, we’re doing it for God??

    1. IH you are very wise for making that decision. Not only is it a wise thing to do, but statistics have proven that you, by waiting until marriage, have a lower chance of divorce than people who did not wait. Google it. It’s true!

  7. I hate the way sometimes when Christian people talk about virginity it is as if a woman’s worth is her virginity. I feel as though it’s more about demanding respect from others. So that is why I like your video. When you don’t take your own sacredness and emotional needs into consideration, you have missed the point. It’s not about being snobby or self-righteous. You didn’t stop being sacred just because you had sex already. You can still choose to honor your own body.

    1. Sarah Bullard Agree a billion times. Saying that a girl is somehow unworthy because she had intercourse is absolutely un-christian garbage, unkind and ignorant.

    2. Charity Long for most christians it is not about their virginity being their worth and its not about honoring their bodies. If is about honoring God. It is about doing things God’s way and seeking his happiness and not your own

    3. Nataliebhfc Jones I think she was making the point that we are no less loved by God, and no less worthwhile to Him, regardless of the decisions we make.

  8. I didn’t save myself for marriage, but I have so much respect for girls and guys who do. It’s extremely difficult to not give into that, especially with what society says teens should be doing. I’m not going to say that I regret my decision but saving yourself for marriage is a wonderful and beautiful thing to do.

    1. Visonista no it doesn’t. it takes more courage to forgive yourself than it does to best yourself up over mistakes

  9. I’m not religious, however I think waiting until marriage is a beautiful thing. I receive a lot of insults but it’ll be worth it the day of my wedding day. 🙂

    1. Pranker Callers Same, I’m atheist and i decided to wait for sex until marriage. Why? Because I want my first time to be special, to someone who I truly love and want to spend my life with. But its hard finding a man who doesn’t believe in god but still waits. I thought my choice might be unrealistic in today’s culture but this video has reconfirms my beliefs. Virginity is precious and I want to keep it for as long as possible

    1. running287
      …. besides when you’re with the one you love you can learn together, it will be so much more fun that way! The only man who needs to prove something to his woman is one who is insecure and does not trust her. The woman you marry, if she is the right one and you are in the right place on a personal level, will be the One you trust with your Life, your Best Friend, the One you beat all your battles with. ??

    2. x-bit gaming Good for you, dont spread yourself too thin or you won’t be able to enjoy marry, you will fined it hard to love and to be loyal, and that bring curses you will never be truly happy. thats why things must go the way God design it, once you cross that line its harder to get back that mean you have to get engaged in a strong spiritual battle, cause the sex out of marriage open doors for demons to get you addicted and they can come and go when ever they like and mess you up, you must follow God to truly see the beauty in his way and enjoy all in fullness, be bless bro

  10. “Daniel and I share something that we have never shared with anyone else and that is a beautiful thing as well”
    That’s wonderful!!

  11. I’m a guy entering college next year and have chosen to save myself for marriage. I know the pressures are going to be at an all time high next year but this video gave me reassurance that others are doing the same. Thank you!

    1. what emily share about the conecttion woman do is so real. I met the love of my life @ my 30’s and we have been toguether for a long time, I never thought this would happened to me, I regret having so little faith and selfsteem. Being a man is a unique gift given by God/the creator, don’t probe something you already are, same here for woman! Wait will save from a lot of trouble. I totally agree with that thruth Emily share, even with all the dreams and needs as a couple that are covered for this man, i still feel conected to a guy who lives in other hemisphere even thou I don’t want to

  12. I wanted to save myself for marriage from the very first moment I’ve heard about that as a 8 or 9-year-old girl because I found the idea beautiful. I’m 20 now and still haven’t changed my mind. 🙂

    1. Myself as well. My mother and father taught me at a young age that sex is designed for marriage . I will continue to be a virgin until I’m married

  13. Thank you for all the love I’ve received on this video. Wherever you are in your life – know that you are loved. Keep your hearts up <3 Emily

    1. I relate to this video so much because this is what happened to me and I also decide to save myself. Thank you so much for sharing this, it’s nice to know there’s more of us out there.

    2. I’m 18 and I’ve always planned to save myself for marriage but you’ve just motivated me even more! Continue to inspire others! xo

    3. Girl! I love you! God bless you! You’re so brave opening up. I’ve never been in a relationship. I’m saving myself for marriage. I never talk about this subject because of the persecution.

  14. Although I’m not Christian, I’m Muslim but I’m going through exactly what you are. A lot of people judge me but I don’t care. I’m in college and there’s temptation everywhere but it’s just Satan. I appreciate you so much ❤️ Subscribed

    1. I agree, you’re strong girl ❤️ and through the temporary temptation at the end you’re winning you’re getting the permanent relationship, you and your future partner are going to be so in love with each other! ?? wish u the best of luck

  15. I wasn’t pressured into losing my virginity, I did it with someone i care about but for some reason it just didn’t feel right, and now i’m considering that maybe waiting until marriage before I do it again might be the right path for me, so this video was really helpful to me. Thank you xx

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