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31 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About Marriage 😏

  1. For me I going to walk around topless or nude a lot , not be chained to a business.get out in the world through my skill of sign language laugh be a skull rower and spend the rest of my life being creative open to anything and adventurousness and travel. And athletic and stay beautiful inside and out let the other person so as they wish for a job and myself Lso,

  2. Make us both grow and not worry about it anymore just live grow have lots of sex be desired all the time! And be sexual and beautiful! No more stress! A warm house so I can walk around naked and sleep naked

  3. I watch these videos and each time I do it brings a reality of just how much pain there is inside each of us. If we could just be a little more caring and listen to others in a different way. We all have something to contribute and we are all capable of doing so if we just open our heart to someone else’s pain and have compassion.

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  4. This is a very deep video i always felt there were multi people in me because i try to tell myself why do i go from A to Z so fast out of nowhere and it pisses me off when i cannot control it or change it back as fast as they come out of nowhere. Thanks for this video.

  5. Omg! I had never been able to put a word on it until now but leaving in a foreign country really brings out something else or shuts some part of you out.

  6. Couldn’t get enough of this video….. was he talking to me. I went to a Business meeting in London and three speakers mentioned Tony Robbins ( that he speak volume) they all had great things to say about this man. Now for me is who is this man? This is my third video and each one is brilliant, so much wisdom. Love it. Thank you Tony, I haven’t met you personally would love to…..ONE DAY I WILL!!!!

  7. I am amazed at all the process that you have done with one person that has influence on allot of others….which can change eventually lots of life’s…thanks allot for helping me help myself💖

  8. I’ll never date , never knowing which asylum patient I’m talking to isn’t something I’m interested in. I realized young I wasn’t up to head games or mind reading.

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