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Mistakes in relationships lead to wedding fail and marriage fail, divorce, troubled marriage, stressful relationship, showing that you are married to a wrong person, build a happy relationship and marriage is possible, with marriage and relationship advice, before marriage, after marriage, one need advice, counselling for relationship or marriage advice. learn and listen to advice, either you are in your first year on marriage, of how long you have been you need counselling. Relationship can turn funny and dramatic marriage. Save your marriage if you want a peaceful relationship.
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Marriage is Precious, Avoid divorce at all cost, you need life tips that will lead you self improvement, show love to your partner for you to build a better relationship, then live a good life. Divorce is very painful cause depression and many dangers, Pray for your marriage, protect your partner, be peaceful in your marriage, avail yourself, be the best partner, be Kind, show love, solve issue, avoid affair, be responsible, when there is peace in marriage there is joy, men are crying and women are weeping because there is no peace in marriage, fighting couple are making marriage unhappy, unhealthy, you can build a better marriage just need to understand and value your partner. Think big and think about partner, love her, cherish him.

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